Designed by experts in engineering and sports dentistry, Game On® is made with a proprietary advanced polymer called VISTAMAXX™ that not only offers superior shock absorption but unlike regular EVA plastic, it can be molded multiple times to get the absolute perfect fit.


Game On Mouthguards fit like no other mouthguard because they are made like no other mouthguard. The dentists who created it wanted to make a mouthguard that outperformed others in every possible way. From fit to being able to talk with it in your mouth, Game On helps you get your game on.


Manese Rabeony PhD

Vice President—Research & Development

Dr. Rabeony is a research scientist and educator with more than 15 years of industrial and academic experience. With four U.S. Patents, Dr. Rabenoy’s expertise is in chemical engineering helped make Game On Mouthguards a revolutionary new product.


Monroe Elkin, BS. Pharm.

DMD—President & CEO

A member of The Academy for Sports Dentistry, Dr. Elkin was part of the Florida Concussion Task Force, which helped formulate concussion protocol for return to play. His passion for sports dentistry and inventive nature helped make the Game On Mouthguard the standard in sports.



A proprietary polymer that is tough and flexible that is latex-free with unmatched shock absorption. Because it shrinks after heating, athletes get a custom fit off the shelf that was only once available through custom fittings at a dentist's office.


The unique properties of VISTAMAXX make it the only mouthguard you can refit by reheating it. Giving athletes ability to dial in the absolute perfect fit whenever they need.


With the combination of VISTAMAXX material and the better overall fit, Game On Mouthguards off superior shock absorption over traditional mouthguards.


Because VISTAMAXX is so form-fitting and can be refit multiple times, it’s the perfect mouthguard for orthodontic work.