Game On Mouthguards

They Just Fit

Dr. Manese Rabeony and Dr. Monroe Elkin started Game On in 2003. They had a vision for a totally different type of athletic mouthguard based on the need for better comfort, a precision fit, ease of breathability and clarity of speech – all for an over-the-counter price. In 2018, Delta Dental of Kentucky purchased Game On Mouthguards to bring the product to markets all over the United States and internationally with the help of Dr. Raebony and Dr. Elkin. 

Game On owns the patent to use Vistamaxx™ in athletic mouthguards and is the only company in the industry allowed to use this material for mouthguards. Game On is dedicated to providing an athletic mouthguard with unsurpassed fit and durability. The Game On Mouthguard is the first athletic mouthguard to receive the prestigious ADA Seal of Acceptance.

Game On Mouthguards are safe for athletes with braces, so there’s no need for an expensive dentist or laboratory-made mouthguard. They also allow refitting an unlimited amount of times, so there is no need to re-purchase.

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