The ADA Acceptance Seal is awarded to dental products that the ADA Council on Scientific Affairs has evaluated and approved for safety and efficacy. Currently, the Game On mouthguard is the only ADA Accepted sports mouthguard on the market.

The ADA recommends approved mouthguards for contact sports including

football basketball baseball soccer hockey wrestling lacrosse martial arts
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What are the qualifications for an ADA Approved Mouthguard?


The mouthguard passes tests outlined by the American National Standards Institute/American Dental Association for hardness, ability to resist tearing and withstand impact, as well as a measurement of the amount of water absorbed.

Easy To Prepare

Mouth-formed appliances can be prepared by the average person with low risk of injury to oral hard or soft tissues, or damage of orthodontic appliances.

Safe To Use

The product components are safe for use in the mouth and do not harm or irritate oral soft tissues.


The mouthguard is free of sharp or jagged edges.

When Shopping At Stores

If you are shopping at a physical store, you can determine whether a product is ADA Accepted by looking on a product’s packaging for the ADA seal.

When Shopping Online

If you are looking at products online and are not able to check the packaging, you can always reference the list of ADA Accepted items on the ADA’s website.

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