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Game On Mouthguards empower athletes to perform at their peak.

With ultra-comfortable LockDown Fit technology and a patented design developed by sports dentistry experts, Game On Mouthguards provide superior protection and shock absorption. Plus, they’re the only mouthguards to earn the American Dental Association Seal of Acceptance.

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Superior Shock Absorption

Sports are responsible for almost 40 percent of traumatic dental injuries. Made from Vistamaxx™ performance polymer, Game On Mouthguards provide superior shock absorption than traditional plastic mouthguards, while offering a tight fit and unrivaled comfort.

Game On Stays On

No more loose mouthguards. Game On Mouthguards LockDown Fit technology ensures a precise mold, so you can breathe, hydrate and communicate comfortably – no boiling required. They’re so comfortable, you can wear them for the entire game.

“Communication is key when you’re calling signals on the line of scrimmage. Game On’s Lockdown Fit technology makes it easy to speak clearly, and offers a level of protection to give athletes the confidence to perform at their peak.”

Former NFL Quarterback, Chris Redman
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