Why do I need an athletic mouthguard?

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Mouthguards are vital for amateur, professional and recreational athletes of any age. It is estimated that 39 percent of dental injuries are sports-related. Any athlete who participates in a sport where there’s a chance of impact with other players is recommended to wear a mouthguard.

What makes Game On Mouthguards different?

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Safety and fit. Game On Mouthguards were developed in collaboration with sports dentistry and polymer experts to provide a precision fit that absorbs shock more effectively than conventional mouthguards. Plus, they’re comfortable enough to wear for long periods without irritation. Athletes can breathe, hydrate and communicate easily.

Game On Mouthguards are safe to use with braces and can be refit multiple times.

How do I fit my Game On Mouthguard?

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 Game On Mouthguards can be custom fit and ready to use in less than two minutes.

1. Wrap the mouthguard in a paper towel and microwave on high for 30 seconds. Caution: paper towel and mouthguard will be hot.

2. Use a spoon to remove the wrapped mouthguard from the microwave and submerge it in a bowl of cold water for five seconds.

3. Put the mouthguard in and lightly bite for 45 seconds, then re-submerge in cold water to achieve a Lockdown Fit™. View a  detailed fitting instruction video.    

Do Game On Mouthguards work for bottom teeth?

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Yes. All you have to do is use two mouthguards and repeat the fitting process for both upper and lower teeth.

Are Game On Mouthguards safe to use with braces?

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Yes. Game On Mouthguards are the only off-the-shelf mouthguard to offer a custom fit over braces – and they can be adjusted and refit as your teeth move.

How do I care for my Game On Mouthguard?

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You can easily clean your mouthguard using cold water and a toothbrush; mouthwash is optional. Game On Mouthguards are also dishwasher safe.

Always store your mouthguard in its protected, ventilated case.

To prevent distortion and maintain a good fit, do not expose your Game On Mouthguard to high temperatures or hot surfaces.

Do not chew on your mouthpiece, because it can rip, tear or pierce it, compromising the protection it provides.

Can I customize my Game On Mouthguard?

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Our no-strap mouthguards can be customized to include names, numbers, logos and more. However, due to the printing process, we cannot customize mouthguards that have straps. Because safety and comfort is our first priority, we made the decision to design a mouthguard with the strap directly molded to the mouthpiece. Removable straps often fall off or break, increasing the likelihood of the mouthguard falling out or being lost.

You can customize your very own mouthguard right here.

Where can I purchase Game On Mouthguards?

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You can purchase mouthguards here.

Learn more about bulk orders below or email partnerships@gameonmouthguards.com.

What is the Game On Replacement Guarantee?

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Our Replacement policy guarantees one mouthguard free of charge for up to five years from original date of purchase.

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