Is a Game On Mouthguard a Part of your Uniform?

Mouthguards are an important part of your uniform, whether you engage in baseball, basketball, or contact sports such as football and hockey. In fact, mouthguard use is mandated for 29 sports and exercise activities.

Why Game On Mouthguards Are the Choice for Winter Athletes

Athletes who play winter sports should know the value of wearing a mouthguard. The ice can be unforgiving – and the snow isn’t as soft as it looks. If you’re a skier, snowboarder or hockey player, protect your game face with Game On.

Gearing Up for Basketball Season

One of the great things about basketball is its simplicity. You don’t need a lot of gear to play. For a pick-up game, just a ball, a hoop and a friend does the trick. But when you play at a competitive level – whether youth basketball or the pros – it’s important to protect yourself from injury. That means wearing the right footwear, attire, and a properly fit mouthguard.

Cost of Your Child NOT Wearing a Mouthguard During Sports

Frequency and Cost of Dental Injury in Sports Research suggests that more than 5 million teeth are avulsed, or displ...

Reducing the Risk of Concussion in Athletes

Can Mouthguards Help Reduce Concussions? In recent years, the health risks associated with concussions have regularly...

Youth Soccer Is a Contact Sport: A Mouthguard Is a Must

Youth soccer is a great way for children to learn about teamwork and leadership, all while getting exercise. Unlike ...

Not All Football Mouthguards Are Created Equal

No matter the level of competition, the gridiron is a dangerous place – especially when you aren’t adequately protected.

GAME ON Mouthguards Alter Landscape of Sports Safety

GAME ON Mouthguards, the only all-sports mouthguards to earn the American Dental Association (ADA) Seal of Acceptance, are now available for purchase, just in time for summer and fall sports.

Why It’s Important to Wear Mouthguards In Sports

For a lot of athletes, mouthguards aren’t always the piece of equipment that’s first to be thrown in the gym bag – often because it’s not required for every sport.

Get Your Game On for Summer Sports and Camps

A new season is upon us, that means the start of new leagues and summer sports camps to sharpen your game. It’s the perfect time to do an evaluation of your equipment.
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