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Game On was engineered by a doctor and chemical engineer who were on a mission to create the most protective and best-fitting mouthguard for athletes with and without braces. And wow, did they succeed.

With the help of co-founders Dr. Monroe Elkin and professor Manese Rabeony, Game On Mouthguards became the first mouth guard in history to receive the ADA Seal of Acceptance from the American Dental Association.

Why did it take so long? Simple. Because most mouthguards have been made from the same material (EVA - ethyl vinyl acetate) for more than 50 years - the same material used to make flimsy water bottles.

Our patented VIstamaxx material is the same material used to make many car bumpers and is a big reason why our mouthguard offers 2x the impact absorption of other mouth guards. It provides a lockdown fit that athletes love because it stays in their mouth, they can speak with it, drink with it and breathe with it.

GAME ON is the FIRST ada accepted mouthguard in the history of protective mouthguards.


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When your mouthguard goes in, you're ready to get your game on. Designed by experts in sports dentistry, Game On offers the ultimate protection for any athletic activity with unmatched fit, comfort and performance.

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