Best Fall Sports Snacks

Ready to be the new favorite on the team? Make enough to bring for the whole team! Here are some great recipes that will fuel your next sport's practice as an athlete. With proper nutrition, you can bring your best to every practice. 

What kids eat before a game is critical. Try these healthy Fall recipes, and enjoy!


Banana Ghosts

You'll need bananas, chocolate chips and mini chocolate chips. Place the chocolate chips to appear like ghost faces, like the picture shown. Add a side of peanut butter for protein- enjoy! 

Apple Mummies

You'll need apples, mini chocolate chips and an apple peeler. Take the apple peeler and roughly peel around the apple like as pictured, and add two mini chocolate chips for eyes. Add in a bag of salted almonds and candy corn! 

Pumpkin Oranges

All  you'll need are oranges and celery sticks. Peel the oranges, add the celery for the pumpkin stem, and you're good to go! 

Grape Spiders

Grab some grapes, raisins and toothpicks. Add raisons on the toothpicks for the spider legs, and add eight spider legs to each grape. Enjoy!