The Game on Advantage

Game On Mouthguards are the best mouth guard for any sport and there’s a reason (actually there’s many reasons) why Game On is the first mouth guard in history to earn the ADA seal of Acceptance.


Game On Mouthguards were used in two independent published research studies. A study published in Dental Traumatology in 2015 used FBG sensors to evaluate the shock absorption of the Game On Mouthguard versus custom-fit mouthguards made from EVA, the material most mouthguards are made from. Game On outperformed EVA in all tests, which included hockey pucks, cricket balls and steel balls.

The best protection: the base material in Game On Mouthguards is also used to make car bumpers while the base material in most other mouthguards is used to make flimsy, crushable water bottles


  • Easy to mold in the microwave; lock down fit so it stays in your mouth; slim and comfortable so it’s easy to speak, breath and drink 
  • The best material for braces: it can remolded over and over as teeth move


  • Braces friendly. Game On is the only mouthguard to offer a custom fit over braces – and it can be adjusted and refit as teeth move. Designed by experts in sports dentistry with youth and adult athletes with braces in mind.
  • Easy to fit and reform. The unique properties of VISTAMAXX make it the only mouthguard you can refit by reheating it. Giving athletes ability to dial in the absolute perfect fit whenever they need. 
  • Helps prevent sickness: Game On mouth guards are hydrophobic so they don’t absorb germs and saliva. In fact, our patented Vistamaxx is the same base material used to make some PPE products designed to prevent the spread of covid 19

Industry-leading 3-year replacement warranty. Your satisfaction If you don’t love your mouthguard, we’ll replace it free of charge.

Worn by professionals. Worn by athletes at all levels including Super Bowl winner Drew Brees.

Hydrophobic. (Repels water )

Full customization: 16 colors available along with custom printing (logo, expression, flags)

GAME ON is the FIRST ada accepted mouthguard in the history of protective mouthguards.


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