The Game On® Advantage

This is no ordinary mouthguard. Designed by experts in sports dentistry, Game On Mouthguards are made with a proprietary VISTAMAXX™ polymer that provides maximum shock absorption with minimum material. That means more protection and better fit.

Proven Protection Accepted by the ADA

Dentist-made, dentist-approved. Game On is the only mouthguard to earn the American Dental Association Seal of Acceptance–the gold standard in evaluating safety and efficacy of dental products.

Vistamaxx™ Performance Polymer

Game On is the only mouthguard on the market constructed with the advanced performance polymer, VISTAMAXX™. Softer and more flexible than traditional EVA plastic, VISTAMAXX™ offers more shock absorption and better fit from an easier-fitting process.

The Perfect, Lockdown Fit In Less Than 5 Minutes

Skip boiling and biting. Have the perfect-fitting mouthguard by the end of this video.

Lifetime Guarantee

Game On® Mouthguards are backed by our lifetime guarantee. If you don’t love your mouthguard, we’ll replace it free of charge.

Wearing Braces

Game On® Mouthguards are the only off-the-shelf mouthguard to offer a custom fit over braces. They can be adjusted and refit as your teeth move.

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