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Author: Dr. Monroe Elkin, BS PHARM., DMD

Athletes Who Need a Sports Mouthguard

In the US, about 30 million children and teens participate in some form of organized sports each year. This is excellent, but it does come with risks. There are more than 3.5 million sports injuries each year in children and teens. In fact, almost one-third of injuries caused in childhood are sports-related. The most common sports injuries are strains and sprains, but dental injuries are also quite common. That’s why, whether your student plays high-contact sports, low-contact sports, team sports, or solo sports, they should be using a sports mouthguard. The best sports mouthguard on the market is our Game On sports mouthguard.

Being involved in sports is exciting for your young athlete. Whether they’re playing football, softball, lacrosse, or snowboarding, sports can provide your youth with several benefits. It can build their self-esteem and self-respect. It offers an opportunity for social interaction with both their peers and respected adults. It can help them develop natural talents they may have. 

Participating in sports also teaches your student teamwork, sportsmanship, and how to control their emotions whether they win or lose. It also gives your student the chance to learn to play within an official set of rules. Children in sports experience physical, behavioral, and personal developmental benefits. Don’t let your concern for their safety keep your youth out of sports.

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Dental Injuries in Youth Sports

While some of the most obvious high-contact sports require mouthguards, there is really no sport that your child shouldn’t use a mouthguard for. Football, rugby, hockey, basketball, and lacrosse are all high-contact sports that have a higher risk for dental injuries. Your athlete could get hit in the face with a puck, ball, stick, or somebody’s elbow or knee. 

At the same time, students in low-contact sports can also benefit from using a mouthguard. A snowboarder can get hit in the mouth with their own snowboard or with a tree branch, depending on where they are performing. The skateboarder in your life can also get hit with their board or do a faceplant on concrete. All of these can lead to dental injuries like a chipped tooth, loose tooth, or lacerations of the soft tissues in their mouth like the cheeks, lips, gums, and tongue. 

If your young athlete has braces, the dangers are even greater. A wire could come loose and poke through their tongue or cheek. The metal brackets on traditional braces could cause even more painful lacerations in the soft tissue than teeth alone could do. It can be hard to find a good sports mouthguard for braces, but the Game On sports mouthguard was made for players with or without braces.

The Game On sports mouthguard is the best custom mouthguard for braces or for those without braces. Your youth can choose a mouthguard of their choice of color. They may want to use their favorite color, the team color, or a color that matches their snowboard’s colors. They can have their name, team number, team name, or any other word or short phrase printed on their custom mouthguard for braces.

What is the best sports mouthguard for braces?

The Game On custom mouthguard for braces is made of our patented VistaMaxx material, which was developed with the help of dental professionals for your athlete’s superior protection and comfort. Why does comfort matter? If your youth isn’t comfortable with their mouthguard, they’ll take every chance to remove it, even if its use is required. VistaMaxx is strong enough to protect your youth’s teeth and orthodontic work from injury while being flexible enough to allow them to speak clearly, hydrate, and breathe easily while wearing it.

The Game On sports mouthguard is the first one on the market accepted by the American Dental Association. It is free of PVC, BPA, phthalates, and latex. VistaMaxx does not absorb water, saliva, or bacteria, so it’s easy for your athlete to keep it clean between uses. All they have to do is wash it in warm water with gentle soap and place it in its ventilated case until their next game or practice. If this isn’t convenient, they can place the mouthguard in the case and put it in the dishwasher to clean it. Nothing could be easier.

If your kid’s team manager is interested, they can order Game On mouthguards for the whole team in matching colors and designs for a bulk discount. The same mouthguard that works for students without braces works for students with braces. It’s custom-fitted to your youth’s teeth and can be remolded as many times as necessary until the braces come off.

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Where can I get a Game On Sports Mouthguard for my youth?

You can rely on Game On quality since they’re the first mouthguards accepted by the ADA. Designed for your athlete’s comfort and superior protection, they are the best mouthguard on the market. Order the best custom mouthguard for braces online today and see what a difference it makes!