Best Mouthguard For Equestrian Sports

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Author: Dr. Monroe Elkin, BS PHARM., DMD

Game On Mouthguards are widely considered to be the best mouthguards for equestrian athletes. We offer superior comfort and protection to horseback riders of all ages. Our guards are compatible with common corrective orthodontic treatments, making them the best mouthguard for equestrians for braces. In fact, we're the only company that offers remoldable mouthguards that provide a near-custom fit over braces. Whether you're a jockey, a weekend rider, or a parent looking for the best high school equestrian mouthguard for your athlete, Game On Mouthguards offer excellent shock absorption that may help protect your smile. That's why we're used by athletes of all ages and levels, including professionals like Deion Branch and Drew Brees.

Why do I need a mouthguard for equestrian athletics?

As an athlete, you're 60 times more to injure your teeth with you don't wear a mouthguard. What's more, during every season, you have a 10 percent chance of receiving an orofacial injury. When applied to your entire athletic career, the chances of you experiencing an orofacial injury is anywhere between 33-56 percent. Equestrian events are among the sports that the American Dental Association recommends wearing a mouthguard for. Nobody wants to go through painful dental trauma followed by expensive medical procedures, so choose to protect your teeth by using the best mouthguard for equestrian sports.

You may not think equestrian sports are as risky as full-contact sports like baseball and basketball, but all athletes run the risk of receiving an orofacial injury. There are a number of ways you could damage your face while horseback riding. You could be thrown off your horse, run into a low hanging tree branch, or any number of other incidents. Wearing the best mouthguard for equestrian sports can help to protect you from these accidents. Studies even show that wearing a protective mouthpiece has the potential to reduce your risk of concussion. Our damage control mouthguard can bring an added layer of protection that may help to shield you against dental, jaw, and mouth injuries. This added protection is especially important if you wear braces, where even minor impacts to the mouth can lead to lacerations of your lips, cheeks, and tongue. Game On is widely considered to be the best lip guard for equestrian sports, and we're the first mouthguard to ever be accepted by the ADA. It only makes sense to trust your dental health with the best mouth guard for equestrian sports.

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How can I pick a mouthguard for equestrian sports?

When you're looking for the best mouth guard for equestrian sports, you'll want a guard that provides a good fit to your mouth. Game On Mouthguards are made from a patented material that increases flexibility and comfort, while minimizing the bulky feel associated with traditional boil-and-bite guards. This leaves you with a truly low-profile mouthguard that sits snugly on your teeth. You can choose to use the guard for your top or bottom row, or you can wear two mouthguards and protect both rows of teeth.

Game On guards are also easier to mold. You don't have to worry about learning how to boil and shape your guard like you would with other mouthguards. All you have to do is microwave it for 30 seconds, let it cool to a safe temperature, and then bite down on it. You can also remold it doing the same quick and easy process, which is especially useful if you wear braces and need to accommodate your teeth as they shift over time.

Did you know that using a dirty mouthguard can lead to a number of health problems? Along with gum irritations, it can cause more serious problems like nausea, difficulty breathing, and gastrointestinal issues. Our mouthguards are easier to clean than other protective guards because Game On guards are made from a polymer that prevents bacteria from being absorbed into the guard. This means you don't have to worry about buying special soaps and soaking solutions when it's time to clean your guard. All you have to do is scrub it with a toothbrush or wash it in the dishwasher.

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Where can I buy Game On Mouthguards for equestrian athletes?

Game On Mouthguards have been carefully created by top minds in dentistry and sports technology and are sold by dentists across the country. We believe that your mouthpiece should be part of your uniform, which is why we offer a wide range of customizable options. From strapped and unstrapped guards to a rainbow of different colors, you can find a guard that matches your personality and showcases your team spirit. We even offer a wide range of symbols and flags that you can have printed on your guard, as well as your number, name, or another important expression in any of five different fonts. If you're ready to learn for yourself why we make the best mouthguard for equestrian sports, buy now.