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Author: Dr. Monroe Elkin, BS PHARM., DMD

Game On Mouthguards offers the best mouthguard for MMA fighters, including athletes with braces. Any mouthguard may help prevent sports-related injuries, but our mouthguards have been designed by some of the top minds in sports dentistry. Game On's strapped and strapless guards offer top-notch protection and comfort as you're competing in MMA matches. In a high-contact sport like mixed martial arts, the likelihood of receiving dental trauma is significantly higher than many sports, which is why it's important to have a mouthguard that offers the best shock absorption without sacrificing comfort and durability. Whether you're the parent of an athlete training for MMA or you're a mixed martial artist looking to buy a new mouthguard, Game On offers the best custom mouthguards for athletes of all ages.

Why do I need a mouthguard for MMA?

Studies show that athletes are 60 times more likely to experience a mouth-related injury when they're not wearing a mouthguard. What's more, a 2014 study from the American Dental Association found that wearing a custom-fitted mouthguard may offer better protection from head injuries than generic, over-the-counter mouthguards. While this does not mean that a Game On custom-fitted mouthguard for MMA will protect you against concussions, the study does suggest that you could be better protected if you wear the best mouthguard for MMA matches. Considering the nature of MMA, it only makes sense to use an ADA-accepted mouthguard that offers optimal protection, regardless of whether you wear braces or not.

If you're looking for the best mouthguard for MMA for braces, not just any mouthguard will do. You need a mouthguard that will fit your braces without tearing or moving around. Game On offers the best mouthguards for braces for MMA, because Game On Mouthguards provide you with a custom fit over your braces. Unlike other mouthguards, Game On Mouthguards don't have to be boiled to fit your teeth. The process is quick and easy, and all you need is a wet paper towel, some cold water, and a microwave. You can even remold your mouthguard to provide your teeth with optimal support as they move over time, something that most other brands' guards can't.

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How do I pick a mouthguard for MMA?

Whether you're a parent looking for the best high school MMA mouthguard or you're a semi-professional MMA fighter who wants the best protection, you need to choose a mouthguard that fits. Game On Mouthguards can be molded to provide your mouth with a snug fit, while also offering extra protection for athletes wearing braces against tooth, lip, and mouth injuries when competing in the ring.

Competing as a mixed martial artist can place your body under a lot of stress. You're constantly hitting and getting hit, grappling, and falling. Under these conditions, only the best mouth guard for MMA will sit snugly in your mouth as you're competing. On top of that, you need a mouthguard that is comfortable. Getting distracted because you're thinking about how uncomfortable your mouthguard feels can cost you the match. We understand the importance of winning, which is why Game On Mouthguards are designed by sports dentistry experts who know to create a mouthguard that you can wear for extended periods of time without worrying about irritation or discomfort.

Although mixed martial arts isn't a team sport, athletes still need to be able to communicate with their coaches, medical team, and the referee. A lot of mouthguards make it difficult to speak naturally, which means you have to remove your mouthguard to be understood. Another reason why Game On makes the best mouthguard for MMA is that our mouthguards make it easier for athletes to communicate, hydrate, and breathe without adjusting their guard.

Your Game On mouthguard is designed with your health in mind. It's made from a patented material that blocks bacteria from being absorbed into the piece. Keeping it clean is also easy. You don't have to worry about purchasing special solutions for soaking and cleaning your mouthguard. All you have to do is give it a quick scrub with a toothbrush after you've used it, or simply throw it into the dishwasher and run a cycle.

Finally, Game On lets you customize your mouthguard so it best suits your team. You can choose between 15 colors and five fonts to choose from if you decide to print your name, number, flag, or symbol on your mouthpiece.

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Where can I buy Game On Mouthguards for MMA?

We're committed to creating the best mouth guard for MMA athletes, which is why we've consulted experts in sports and dentistry to come up with a damage control mouthguard that's recommended and sold by dentists. That's why top athletes like Drew Brees and Chris Redman trust Game On to offer superior protection from impacts. If you're ready to see why we make the best custom-fitted mouthguard for MMA, buy now.