Best Mouthguard For Skiing

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Author: Dr. Monroe Elkin, BS PHARM., DMD

When you're ready to purchase the best mouth guard for skiing, look no further than Game On Mouthguards. We use a patented material that enables us to make a low-profile mouthguard that still provides you with the protection you want in a guard. Forty percent of traumatic dental injuries happen while playing sports. These injuries are painful and often quite costly. That's why it's critical to take preventative steps now. We can help you with that by setting you up with a customized damage control mouthguard. Game On can satisfy your mouthguard needs whether you're a parent who's looking for the best high school skiing mouthguard or you want a guard for yourself. Continue reading to learn more about our mouthguards and why you should be wearing one while skiing.

Why do I need a mouthguard for skiing?

Wearing a mouthguard while participating in an action sport like skiing may help you reduce your risk of dental injury. For example, did you know that 200,000 oral injuries are prevented annually in the U.S. by mouthguards? Additionally, there are around 600,000 visits to the emergency room each year for sports-related dental injuries. Without a guard, you could increase your chances of experiencing a crown fracture or a traumatic tooth displacement. The damage from a skiing accident can be even worse if you have braces and don't wear a mouthguard. Athletes with braces have an increased chance of experiencing cuts to the lips, tongue, and cheeks, as well as damage to the braces themselves. That's why Game On has created the best mouthguard for skiing for braces (and for skiers without braces). Our mouthguard is also the first guard in history to be ADA-accepted, which means you can be confident in the strength and durability of our product.

The ADA recommends that the mouthguard you use should fit properly, be comfortable, and not restrict speech or breathing. Game On Mouthguards fit all of these criteria. We're able to meet all of your guard needs because of the material we use to make the best mouthguard for skiing. Our patented fitting material enables us to make thin mouthguards for skiing that are comfortable enough to wear continuously. Our mouthguards are thin enough to speak clearly in and easy to mold to your exact needs. These are just a few of the features that sets Game On Mouthguards apart from other manufacturers in the industry.

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How do I find the best mouthguards for skiing?

There are several key factors that you'll want to consider when looking for your next mouthguard. For instance, maybe your priority is finding cool mouthguards for skiing. Game On makes it easy for you to find guards that fit your style preferences. We provide you with dozens of options for customizing your skiing mouthguard. You can choose from 14 mouthguard colors, 5 different fonts, and both strapless and strapped options. You can personalize your mouthguard further by adding symbols, flags, numbers, and names to it. Regardless of how you choose to customize your guard, you'll get the dental support that you need to continue skiing confidently.

You also want to find a mouthguard that's easy to mold. If you don't, you could have issues getting the right fit, which can reduce the effectiveness of the mouthguard. You won't have to worry about this when you purchase a Game On mouthguard. Our guards can be molded to your exact specifications in as little as two minutes. All that you need to complete the process is a microwave, a wet paper towel, and a bowl of cold water. You can even repeat the process whenever you want to remold your guard and fine-tune its fit. This makes it easier for you to maintain a snug, comfortable fit.

You should also consider how easy or difficult the process is to care for the mouthguard that you select. Game On makes the best mouthguard for skiing because our guards are incredibly easy to clean. Our mouthguards are made of a material that prevents bacteria from being absorbed in the product. You can clean your mouthguard by putting it in the dishwasher without any special cleaners, or do it yourself with just a toothbrush and a glass of cold water. These features enable you to extend the life of your mouthguard beyond what's typically possible with an average guard.

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Where can I buy Game On Mouthguards for skiing?

Athletes are 60 times more likely to suffer harm to the teeth when not wearing a mouthguard. That's why it's critical that you wear one while skiing. Game On Mouthguards makes the best mouth guard for skiing. Our guards are rugged and can withstand the stress you put on them on the slopes. Our products are also easy to care for, affordable, and completely customizable. You don't have to take our word for it. Experience the Game On difference for yourself and buy the best mouthguard for skiing today.