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Author: Dr. Monroe Elkin, BS PHARM., DMD

Why Your Child Needs a Mouthguard for Youth Flag Football

Flag football is especially popular with young players for many reasons, not the least of which is its relative safety compared to tackle football. Because it’s considered a low-contact sport, there is much less safety gear for its players to wear. There is no helmet and your child doesn’t need shoulder or thigh pads to play. There’s a greatly reduced chance of your youth getting hurt playing flag football compared to traditional American football. That doesn’t mean that there’s no risk of injury, however. No matter what sport your athlete participates in, there is always some risk of injury, and that goes for flag football the same as any other low-impact sport. That’s why it’s essential that your young athlete wear a high-quality protective mouthguard like the Game On flag football mouthguard.

More than 30 million youth take part in organized sports annually in the US. Unfortunately, more than 3.5 million of them end up with an injury when playing their sport. Indeed, almost one-third of all injuries during childhood are sustained while playing sports. While it’s true that most of them happen during high-impact sports like hockey, lacrosse, and football, there are still plenty of injuries for other sports participants. This includes many dental injuries.

You may wonder how a flag football player would sustain a dental injury when there’s no direct contact with the head or face as part of the game. The fact is, your player can easily get hit with a stray elbow or knee and end up with a chipped tooth, a loose tooth, or a tooth knocked back into their gums. Additionally, any type of blow to the face can cause lacerations to the soft tissue in the mouth.

These types of dental injuries can be exacerbated for athletes who are wearing traditional metal braces. In addition to a bloody, painful injury, your youth could end up with damage to their orthodontic equipment if they’re not wearing a protective mouthguard for youth flag football. Not only would you feel terrible that your child is suffering pain, but it could end up hurting your wallet as well. If the injury is serious enough, it could interrupt your child’s orthodontic work.

Fortunately, the potential injuries your child could sustain are no reason to stop them from playing flag football. Rather, you can protect their teeth and mouth by having them wear the best mouthguard for youth flag football—the Game On mouthguard.

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What is the best mouthguard for youth flag football?

Sports and dental experts agree that the best mouthguard for youth flag football is one that can be custom-fit to your athlete’s bite. That’s especially true for youth with braces. But it’s difficult to find a mouthguard that can be custom-fitted to teeth with braces. The Game On mouthguard can be quickly and easily molded to fit your child’s teeth with or without braces. Plus, it’s the only mouthguard that can be remolded by simply reheating it, so each time your youth’s teeth shift, you don’t have to buy a new mouthguard.

It’s also necessary to consider the material your youth’s mouthguard is made of. The Game On mouthguard is made with our patented VistaMaxx material, which is tough enough to prevent dental injuries yet flexible enough to be comfortable to wear. It’s important that the material is tough so it can offer the premium protection Game On mouthguards do and it’s important that it’s comfortable or your youth probably won’t continue to wear it.

Game On mouthguards for youth flag football come in two sizes—regular and petite. There is one that can fit your athlete no matter what size their mouth is. This ensures there are no uncomfortable pieces sticking out. If the mouthguard you buy is a bit long, just cut off the excess material. If it’s a bit too short, stretch it back a bit when molding it to their teeth to provide full coverage.

Kids might care more about style than safety, and if that’s true for your athlete, we’ve got you covered. Our mouthguards come in a variety of colors so no matter if your youth wants to wear their favorite color or match their team uniform, they’ll be able to find the right color from our selection. They can even get a customized mouthguard with their name, number, team name, or another word or short phrase printed on it. If the team manager wants the whole team to wear matching mouthguards, we offer a bulk purchase discount. There’s really no downside to using the Game On mouthguard for youth flag football. We even offer a replacement guarantee if you’re not entirely satisfied.

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Where can I get the Game On mouthguard for youth flag football?

Game On has the best mouthguard for youth flag football. You don’t need to take our word for it, because the American Dental Association accepted one protective sports mouthguard first: ours. Order the best mouthguard for youth flag football online today and allow your youth to experience the Game On difference!