Best Soccer Mouthguard for Braces

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Author: Dr. Monroe Elkin, BS PHARM., DMD

Game On Mouthguards are the best mouth guard for athletics. We work with a variety of dental experts and athletes to develop a premium mouthguard that offers the shock absorption players need, the flexibility they need to feel comfortable on the court, and the stylistic options they need to express themselves. Whether you're searching for a great mouthguard to use yourself or the best high school team mouthguard for your young athlete, please continue reading to learn more about what makes Game On Mouthguards different.

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If soccer is a special passion for your young athlete, getting on the school or community soccer team can be a big deal for them. Soccer isn’t the highest-contact sport, but it wouldn’t be considered a no-contact sport, either. It’s essential that your player has as much physical protection as possible when they play soccer. That’s why they wear special shoes and knee pads. That’s also why they should be wearing a protective mouthguard like the Game On soccer mouthguard. It’s especially important to protect your soccer player if they wear braces, and Game On soccer mouthguards were developed to fit athletes with or without braces.

Dental injuries may not be the first thing you think of in soccer, since the main play goes on in their legs. But if you’ve ever been hit with a stray soccer ball in the face, you know it can cause a lot of pain. And that doesn’t even consider the errant elbows or knees that could hit your child in the mouth while playing soccer. Any of these injuries can cause your player a great deal of pain and a bloody mess. Braces can only make it worse as the wires and brackets can easily cause devastating lacerations in your player’s gums, lips, and cheeks. Dental injuries during soccer can start with a lot of pain and end in a big dental or orthodontic bill.

That’s why it’s your responsibility to make sure that your player with braces wears a mouthguard to every game and practice. Whether they’re required by the team manager or not, you can insist that your child wear a quality soccer mouthguard from Game On.


A high-quality mouthguard like our Game On soccer mouthguard offers protection against injuries to your young player’s teeth and to the soft tissue in their mouth. Athletes with braces are at greater risk of sustaining painful lacerations to their lips, gums, and cheeks if they get hit in the mouth with an elbow, knee, ball, or another object. The Game On soccer mouthguard covers up and insulates the brackets and wires of your child’s braces, diminishing the chances of suffering the worst consequences of these types of injuries.

Damage can be done to your athlete’s mouth, and without protection, a hit to the mouth could cause harm to the orthodontic gear they wear. This can end up a costly proposition and could even set back your youth’s orthodontic progress. With an excellent mouthguard like the Game On soccer mouthguard, the outcomes of these types of injuries can often be mitigated to some degree.


Experts in both the dental and sports fields agree that the best mouthguard should be custom-fit to your youth’s teeth. It’s important that the mouthguard stays in place during play, and the customized fit of the Game On mouthguard helps to ensure that this can happen. The mouthguard can help keep their teeth where they belong if and when they get hit in the head.

The first thing your athlete will do when they receive their Game On soccer mouthguard is mold it to their teeth. Each mouthguard comes with instructions for how to do so and has special instructions for players who have braces. Game On offers one of the only mouthguards that is specially designed to work for young athletes who wear braces. That’s why we’ve made them of our patented VistaMaxx material, which can be remolded as many times as necessary as your child’s teeth shift, and once again after the braces come off.

VistaMaxx is tough enough to give your athlete superior protection as they play soccer. At the same time, it’s thin and flexible so your player can hydrate successfully, speak clearly, and breathe easily while wearing the mouthguard. VistaMaxx doesn’t absorb water or saliva, and most importantly, it does not absorb bacteria. It’s easy to clean and safe to use. It comes with a special ventilated case that your child can keep it in during the day so it can dry out properly between washes. The best habit your child can get into is to wash their Game On soccer mouthguard each evening when they brush their teeth.

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If you’re looking for an affordable and effective soccer mouthguard for your athlete, whether or not they wear braces, Game On has the perfect fit. You can even allow your kids to choose the color they want from a wide variety, and they can also have their name, number, team name, or other lettering printed on the mouthguard. Game On has the first mouthguard accepted by the American Dental Association. It’s free of PVC, latex, BPA, and phthalates so it’s safe to use daily. Order the best soccer mouthguard for braces online today and keep your athlete’s teeth and mouth safer.