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Author: Dr. Monroe Elkin, BS PHARM., DMD

Why Flag Football Players Need a Mouthguard

Flag football is all the rage in children and teen sports these days and there are many good reasons for that. It’s a fun sport and provides great exercise for players. It’s much less likely that a flag football player will end up injured than a traditional American football player will. And flag football is welcoming to all kids, whether boys or girls. It’s also less expensive to play than tackle football because there isn’t as much need for safety gear. No helmets or pads are necessary. There is one piece of safety equipment that your flag football player does need, though, and that’s a quality protective mouthguard like the Game On team flag football mouthguard.

Whether you’re the parent of a flag football player or a team manager of a flag football team (or both), you probably realize that although flag football is safer to play than tackle football, its players are still sometimes subject to sustaining injuries while playing. After all, of the 30 million youth who take part in organized sports each year in the US, 3.5 million sustain an injury during a game or practice session. In fact, nearly one-third of all childhood injuries are sports related. The majority of these happen while playing high-impact sports like hockey, lacrosse, wrestling, and football, but certainly not all of them. A good number of the injuries to student athletes are dental in nature.

How would a flag football player sustain a dental injury? After all, their head is not in any direct contact during normal play. Unfortunately, dental harm can still occur if your player gets struck in the face or head by a stray elbow or knee or if they fall and plant their face in the dirt. Damages can range from a chipped or loose tooth to a tooth shoved back up into the gums or lacerations caused by the teeth to the soft tissue in the mouth like the cheeks, lips, or tongue.

If your athlete wears braces, there’s an even greater danger of harm, especially of lacerations caused by the wires and metal brackets. You wouldn’t feel that great if your player ended up with a painful, bloody injury because they weren’t wearing a quality mouthguard. Furthermore, their orthodontic gear could be harmed and if a really serious accident occurs, your child’s orthodontic work could be interrupted.

Fortunately, these reasons don’t need to prevent your child or your team from playing flag football. The Game On team flag football mouthguards can protect your whole team from these traumatic dental damages.

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What is the best team flag football mouthguard?

Let’s start with what is required of the best flag football mouthguard. There are two things that are essential for a mouthguard to provide the necessary protection. The first is, it must be strong enough to cushion the teeth from being damaged or causing damage. Second, it must be comfortable enough that the players wear them during all games and practices.

The Game On protective sports mouthguard was designed by dental professionals and it is made of our patented VistaMaxx material. This material has the toughness required to protect your player’s teeth when they play flag football. It is also supple enough and thin enough to be comfortable. Your athlete will be able to speak clearly, hydrate, and breathe easily when wearing our sports mouthguard. Additional comfort is provided by the fact that the Game On flag football mouthguard is quickly and easily customizable to your player’s bite. This also helps it stay in place during play. The Game On mouthguard is the only one that can be remolded as many times as needed, so if your player has braces, they don’t need to get a new mouthguard each time their teeth shift or when the braces come off.

Because flag football players come in all sizes, our flag football mouthguards come in both regular and petite sizes. There is a mouthguard to fit every student athlete’s mouth. If it’s slightly large or slightly small, this can be fixed by either cutting off a bit of material on the end or stretching the material on the end while molding it so that your player gets full coverage.

If you’re a flag football team manager, you might be interested in having your whole team use the best protective mouthguards on the market. That’s why we offer discount pricing for bulk orders. You can also have all your players’ mouthguards match your school’s colors because our sports mouthguards come in a wide variety of colors. In addition, you can have each player’s mouthguard customized with their name, the team name, or their number. We even offer a replacement guarantee for any athlete who is not happy with the mouthguard they receive.

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Where can I get Game On team flag football mouthguards for my team?

The Game On protective mouthguards are the perfect team flag football mouthguards for your team. You can rely on their quality because the American Dental Association has first accepted one mouthguard, and it’s the Game On sports mouthguard. Request bulk order pricing for the best team flag football mouthguards today to ensure your team’s teeth are as protected during play as possible.