Best Youth Mouthguards for Boxing

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Author: Dr. Monroe Elkin, BS PHARM., DMD

If you're searching for the best youth mouth guard for boxing, look no further than Game On Mouthguards. Boxing is a sport that's defined by physical contact. Keeping your athlete safe in the ring requires taking proactive steps. Consider purchasing them a mouthguard to wear while they box. Approximately 200,000 oral injuries are prevented each year by mouth guards. Wearing one may help to reduce your athlete's risk of injury. We worked closely with dental professionals to create the best youth mouthguard for boxing. Our guards are comfortable, affordable, and easy to care for. We make a low profile youth mouthguard that your athlete can customize based on their style preferences. Read on to learn more about what makes Game On products stand apart.

Why should my athlete wear a mouthguard while boxing?

Nearly 9 out of 10 parents have concerns about their child getting injured while playing sports. You may worry about injuries even more if your athlete participates in a full-contact sport like boxing. A mouthguard should be a key part of your kid's boxing gear. Organizations like the NCAA mandate that mouthguards be worn during boxing events. Wearing one could help to reduce your athlete's risk of sustaining a traumatic dental injury like a root fracture or tooth displacement.

Game On Mouthguards were designed to withstand the rigors of high impact sports like boxing. They combine powerful shock absorption with a comfortable fit. Our guards differ from the bulky products that our competitors offer. Your athlete may have a difficult time keeping a thick guard in their mouth for an entire sparring match. They may start to fidget with it while they box. Your athlete won't have this problem while wearing one of our guards. Instead, they'll be able to speak, breathe, and drink with ease in their Game On mouthguard. This makes it more likely that your athlete's guard will be in the right place when they need it most.

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What problems should youth mouth guards for boxing address?

The best youth mouth guard for boxing should feature several key benefits. First, your athlete's guard should have protective qualities. Game On worked with a team of sports dentistry experts to create mouthguards that may help to reduce your athlete's risk of sports-related dental injuries. We make our guards out of Vistamaxx, our patented fitting material. It enables us to provide superior protection, retention, and comfort at an affordable price.

You should also prioritize mouthguards that are easy to mold. We make a custom-fitted youth mouthguard for boxing that can be set up in as little as five minutes. To complete the process, you'll need just a microwave, a wet paper towel, and a bowl of cold water. Just wrap the guard in the wet paper towel, then microwave it on high for 30 seconds. Next, dip the guard in cold water for 3 to 5 seconds before biting down lightly. If your athlete doesn't have braces, they'll bite down lightly and press the front of the mouthguard against their teeth before closing their lips and sucking to ensure a tight fit. If they do have braces, they'll let the product mold to their needs naturally after biting down.

Most guards lose some of their retentiveness if you try to remold them. Not ours. Game On Mouthguards can be remolded as often as you want. This makes them the best youth mouthguard for boxing for braces. Whenever your athlete has their braces adjusted, they can complete the same simple setup process to adjust their guard's fit.

The best youth mouthguard for boxing should also be easy to care for. Our guards are made from Vistamaxx, which prevents them from absorbing bacteria. To clean them, all you need is a cup of cold water and a toothbrush. You can even put our guards in the dishwasher without any special cleaning products. These features will keep your athlete's mouthguard hygienic even after extended use.

Game On Mouthguards can also be customized based on your athlete's style preferences. They can choose from a wide variety of color options in both strapped and strapless models. We also custom- print our guards with names, numbers, symbols, and flags in 15 different colors and five different fonts. Your athlete will be proud to wear the best high school boxing mouthguard every time they step into the ring.

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Where can I buy Game On Mouthguards for youth boxing?

Fifty percent of all children and teens will suffer at least one traumatic tooth injury by the time they graduate high school. Take steps to help protect your athlete by getting them the first mouthguard in history to be ADA-accepted. Game On Mouthguards are comfortable, easy to care for, and affordable. Buy the best youth mouthguards for boxing now and let an athlete in your family experience the Game On Mouthguards difference.