Best Youth Mouthguards for Field Hockey

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Author: Dr. Monroe Elkin, BS PHARM., DMD

Game On Mouthguards sells the best youth mouthguard for field hockey at a fraction of the price of other premium mouthpieces. If your child plays field hockey, you want to make sure their teeth are protected 100 percent of the time. Our youth mouth guards for field hockey are designed to fit comfortably in your athlete's mouth, so they don't have to worry about constantly adjusting their guard during the middle of a game. If you're a parent looking for the best high school field hockey mouthguard for your athlete, continue reading to learn more about Game On Mouthguards and why parents and young athletes alike prefer our low-profile youth mouthguard to other guards on the market.

Why does my child need to wear a youth mouthguard when playing field hockey?

Field hockey is a high contact sport where athletes are always at risk for injuring their teeth and mouth. That's why the NCAA requires all field hockey athletes other than the goalkeeper to wear a protective mouthguard, and they strongly recommend that the goalkeeper wear one as well. Your athlete could damage their teeth in a number of different ways while playing. They might take an awkward tackle, collide with another player, or get hit in the face with a wild ball or hockey stick. According to the American Dental Association, about one-third of all dental injuries occur while playing sports. Roughly 200,000 similar injuries are prevented each year thanks to protective mouthpieces. Give your athlete the protection they deserve by buying them the best youth mouth guard for field hockey.

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What problems should the best youth mouthguard for field hockey solve?

Above everything else, your athlete's mouthguard should offer superior shock absorption. One of the reasons why Game On is trusted as the best youth mouthguard for field hockey is that our guards offer top-notch protection without sacrificing comfort. This is because Game On Mouthguards are made from a patented material known as Vistamaxx. This material is what gives our mouthguards their popular slimline design that removes much of the bulk associated with other guards. In fact, Game On is the first company to make mouthguards that are accepted by the ADA. When you're looking for a guard that may help to reduce the potential for damage to your athlete's teeth and mouth, it only makes sense to choose the best youth mouthguard for field hockey--Game On.

Another great feature of Game On Mouthguards is the simplified cleaning routine. Your athlete doesn't have to clean their Game On guard with a special soap or soak it in a disinfecting solution. Just clean the surface of the guard with soap and water, or wash it in the dishwasher. Game On guards are made from Vistamaxx, which blocks saliva and bacteria from being absorbed into the mouthpiece. This helps prevent guards from retaining germs and odors.

Learning how to fit a Game On guard is quick and easy. You don't have to boil your athlete's guard in water unless you prefer to. Instead, you can microwave their new Game On guard for 30 seconds, let it cool down in a bowl of cold water, then pop it in their mouth and ask them to bite down for two minutes. Athletes of all ages consider Game On Mouthguards the best youth mouthguard for field hockey for braces because of how easily the mouthpiece fits over brackets and wires. Moreover, our mouthguards can be remolded multiple times by following the same process. This means your athlete can refit their mouthguard in just a couple of minutes anytime they've had their braces adjusted.

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Where can I buy Game On Mouthguards for youth field hockey?

We believe that your child's mouthguard should reflect their personality. Children don't always understand the importance of wearing a guard, so they might not want to wear it. Your athlete's mouthguard should be part of their uniform. That's why we offer several customization options, so they can pick one of our cool youth mouthguards for field hockey that they'll enjoy wearing. We offer strapped and strapless guards in a wide range of colors. Your child can also customize text and numbers in choose between five different fonts and 15 colors, or choose from as well as an assortment of symbols and flags. This is one more reason why athletes across the country, including stars like Deion Branch and Drew Brees, trust Game On.

Give your athlete the protection they deserve by providing them with the best youth mouth guard for field hockey. Our mouthguards were created after consulting experts in sports dentistry. Game On Mouthguards provide superior comfort and may help to lessen the damage done to your athlete's teeth from impacts while playing field hockey. That's why Game On guards are sold at dentist offices around the country. Don't let your child become another athlete who experiences serious dental trauma because they weren't wearing a protective mouthpiece. Buy the best youth mouthguard for field hockey now.