Best Youth Mouthguards for Hockey

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Author: Dr. Monroe Elkin, BS PHARM., DMD

Game On Mouthguards makes the best youth mouthguards for hockey. Mouthguards are an essential part of your athlete's safety equipment, and the majority of youth ice hockey leagues require them. Our custom-fit mouthguards provide a number of benefits that are unique to Game On Mouthguards, making ours the best youth mouth guard for hockey players from peewees all the way up to high school varsity athletes. We worked with a team of sports dentistry experts to create a youth mouthguard that offers top-notch comfort and protection. Game On Mouthguards deliver low-profile, comfortable shock absorption that may help to prevent sports-related dental injuries while kids are on the ice.

Why should my child wear a youth mouthguard for hockey?

Wearing a mouthguard may help to prevent a wide variety of painful and costly dental injuries. In the blink of an eye, a high stick or wild puck can cause damage that could have lifelong effects on your athlete's smile. USA Hockey reports a record number of 8-and-Under players in 2018, and participation in high school ice hockey has increased. Ice hockey is one of the top three sports where dental injuries occur, and the impact that root fractures and tooth displacements can have on children is significant. It's important for players of all ages to wear a guard, and Game On makes the best youth mouth guard for hockey. In fact, it's the first mouthguard in history to be ADA-accepted.

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What problems should the best youth mouthguard for hockey address?

First and foremost, the best mouthguard for hockey should provide superior protection. Our guards are made of a patented fitting material called Vistamaxx. It's a flexible material that makes a thin mouthguard without sacrificing protection. Other mouth guards depend on thick, bulky material to provide shock absorption, which can hinder drinking, speaking, and even breathing. This can lead to athletes fidgeting with their guards or simply not wearing them at all. When your athlete has a comfortable mouthguard, they're more likely to wear it consistently. Game On Mouthguards give kids a near-custom dental fit. Our youth mouthguards let athletes speak clearly, breathe easily, and hydrate without a hassle.

However, Game On goes above and beyond providing athletes with the best youth mouthguard for hockey. We listened carefully to feedback from players of all ages (and their parents) when we created the best youth mouthguard for hockey. From the start, Game On offers advantages over the competition. Our fitting process is simple, requiring only a paper towel, a microwave (or a pot of boiling water), and a bowl of cold water. Your athlete can have a custom-fitted youth mouthguard in less than five minutes. If your child has dental work done or loses a baby tooth, simply remold the guard. This also makes Game On Mouthguards the best youth mouthguard for hockey for braces. No need to waste time and money on repeat trips to the dentist for new guards - whenever your child's braces get adjusted, just follow the fitting process again.

Game On guards are also easy to clean. Let's face it: mouthguards can get gross. Aside from potential health risks, an improperly cleaned guard can also put kids off of putting the guard back in their mouth. Vistamaxx doesn't absorb bacteria or saliva, so there's no need to worry if your child's guard ends up at the bottom of their hockey bag. All you need to get the guard squeaky clean is soap and water. Or, just throw it in the dishwasher.

We offer a wide range of customization options too, allowing your athlete to create a cool mouthguard for hockey that they'll be proud to wear on the ice. Game On Mouthguards come in strapped and strapless options in a rainbow of colors. Names and numbers can be printed on the guard in five different fonts and 15 different colors, along with a range of symbols and flags. Personalizing a mouthguard is a great way to get your athlete invested in the process and excited about wearing the best high school hockey mouthguard.

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Where can I buy Game On Mouthguards for youth hockey?

If you want to give your athlete the best mouthguard for hockey players, choose Game On. Our durable, affordable guards are recommended and sold by dentists. Game On Mouthguards provide players of all ages with comfortable protection that can grow along with them. From cool customization options to our easy molding (or remolding) process, Game On Mouthguards give you and your youth hockey player a wide range of advantages over other mouthguards. Forty percent of traumatic dental injuries happen while playing sports, but Game On guards may help to reduce the chances of your youth hockey player becoming part of this statistic. To give your child the advantage of ADA-accepted dental protection, buy the best youth mouthguard for hockey now.