Best Youth Mouthguards for Wrestling

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Author: Dr. Monroe Elkin, BS PHARM., DMD

If you want your athlete to have the best youth mouth guard for wrestling, look no further than Game On Mouthguards. We worked with sports dentistry experts and athletes to develop a great guard that provides the protection your athlete needs, the comfort they want, and the ease-of-use that every parent looks for in today's busy world. In fact, Game On is the first mouth guard to ever be accepted by the ADA. Please continue reading to learn more about the potential benefits kids can get from wearing a youth mouthguard.

Why should my athlete wear a youth mouthguard for wrestling?

Wrestling can be a great way for kids to develop self-confidence, sportsmanship, and camaraderie, and youth participation in the sport is on the rise. The SFIA estimates that 14.2 percent more kids between the ages of 6-12 participated in organized wrestling between the 2017-18 and 2018-19 seasons. While wrestling is often seen as a male-dominated sport, research from the NFHS notes that female participation increased by 250 percent from 2008-9 to 2018-19.

This is great news, but it also carries some risk. Approximately 50 percent of all teens will experience at least one traumatic dental injury by the time they graduate from high school, leading to an estimated 600,000 trips to the emergency room each year. Participating in a full-contact sport such as wrestling may increase your athlete's risk, as a stray elbow or accidental punch can easily cause oral injury. Thankfully, wearing a mouthguard may help prevent costly dental bills related to sports participation.

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What issues should the best youth mouthguards for wrestling help address?

If your athlete is going to wear a mouth guard, why not give them the best youth mouthguard for wrestling? Game On guards are made out of a proprietary fitting material called Vistamaxx that provides shock absorption without relying on a bulky design, helping your athlete communicate with their coaches and hydrate between periods without issue. It also provides athletes with a near-custom fit without the hassle of going through a dentist, ensuring that your son or daughter actually wears their guard during every practice and match. Sadly, many of our competitors use inferior materials that may hinder an athlete's performance.

Similarly, Game On mouth guards are easier to fit than most boil-and-bites. If you're wondering how to mold your athlete's guard, it's simple. First, heat it up with your choice of a microwave or boiling water. Dip it in cold water so that it's cool enough to touch, and then ask your athlete to gently bite into it. Next, your child should press it to the front of their teeth, applying pressure from their tongue to the roof of their mouth. Finally, your athlete should close their lips and suck for 60 seconds to ensure a snug, comfortable fit.

You can also adjust the size of your athlete's low-profile youth mouthguard by trimming back or stretching out its molar edges and repeating the steps above. We provide comprehensive fitting directions on our website, so you and your athlete can always get guidance on how to fit your Game On mouthguard.

Vistamaxx is also remoldable, meaning that you can reshape it when your athlete loses a baby tooth or has their braces adjusted instead of having to buy a new one. Most competing guards lose their retentive properties if molded more than once, establishing Game On as the best youth mouthguard for wrestling for braces since you don't need a full replacement after every orthodontic adjustment.

High school gym lockers can get very stinky, an environment in which many mouth guards fare poorly. We considered hygiene in the design of Game On mouthguards to make our product the best high school wrestling mouthguard. Vistamaxx prevents contaminants such as bacteria and saliva from getting stuck in your athlete's guard, helping it stay odor-free while competing guards can get disgusting over time. Cleaning your athlete's guard is also as easy as tossing it in the dishwasher, though you can also scrub it with cold water and a toothbrush if you like. Every Game On guard comes with a ventilated case to ensure proper storage even if it ends up at the bottom of your athlete's bag.

We also offer a variety of styles to meet a diverse array of athlete needs. For example, both strapped and unstrapped options are available. We offer several customization options as well, including a rainbow of colors and the flexibility to add flags, symbols, text, and numbers in 15 different colors and five distinct fonts. While safety will always be the biggest reason to wear a customizable mouth guard, we believe that the best youth mouthguard for wrestling should allow athletes to express their personalities on the mat too.

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Where can I buy Game On mouthguards for youth wrestling?

You don't want your athlete to hit the mat without a great mouth guard acting as a cushion that may help prevent serious dental injury. Game On guards are comfortable enough for everyday use, provide protection, and are available in a variety of colors and styles to suit a broad array of athlete needs. Let your athlete experience the difference that Game On Mouthguards can make and buy the best youth mouth guard for wrestling now!