Does Your Child Want a Pink Mouthpiece for Football?

In one year, almost 215,000 children ages 5 to 14 were treated in hospital emergency rooms for football-related injuries. A significant portion of these were dental injuries that could have been prevented by the use of a mouthpiece. It doesn’t have to be pink, of course, but it can be! 

No matter how casual or organized your young athlete’s gameplay is, it’s essential that they wear a mouthpiece for football every time they are on the field, during practice and during games. Game On is the first ADA-accepted mouthguard in the history of protective mouthguards.

With pink mouthpieces, football is safer

Your first concern when your student starts playing a sport, especially a high-contact sport like football, is their safety. That’s why you spend a small fortune on protective gear like helmets, cleats, shoulder pads, and more. But a football uniform isn’t complete without a quality mouthguard like the Game On pink mouthpieces for football.

Dental injuries can range from a simple annoyance to a severe problem. If your player doesn’t wear a proper mouthpiece for football, they are much more likely to suffer from an orofacial injury. In fact, 56% of traumatic brain injuries and 75% of orofacial injuries occurred when the athlete did not wear a mouthguard. As a parent, it’s your responsibility to make sure your student not only has a quality mouthguard, but wears it every time they step on the field.

What is the best pink mouthpiece for football?

The best mouthpiece for football is one that is flexible, comfortable, and easy to wear. The Game On pink football mouthpiece is made of our patented Vistamaxx material, which is thin enough to make it easy to breathe freely, speak clearly, and drink water while wearing it. It’s also strong enough to help prevent dental injuries during a contact sport as intense as football.

Any parent knows that their kid is more likely to wear a mouthpiece for football if they are held accountable. Fortunately, it is a required part of the football uniform for every organized football team of any age or gender. But some of the options available with the Game On mouthpiece for football make it even more attractive for young athletes to wear.

For example, you can customize your player’s football mouthguard to look the way they want it to. First, you can choose either a strapless mouthguard or one with a strap. Then you have a choice of 14 colors, from green or yellow to blue or, of course, pink. You can order a Game On mouthpiece for football in your athlete’s favorite color (like pink) or their team color. 

No matter what age your player is, we have a mouthguard that will fit them, as Game On pink football mouthpieces come in both youth and adult sizes. And they are compatible with braces, so there’s no reason to fear your athlete’s orthodontic work will suffer from damage.

If you’re a team manager, you can order mouthguards for the whole team that match. In fact, you can check out our bulk pricing if you want to save your team members money. If your athlete chooses a strapless mouthpiece for football, they can even get it custom printed with their name, team name, or jersey number. A whole team with matching mouthguards is not only a safe team, but they look sharp too.

There’s no boiling and biting necessary with Game On pink football mouthpieces (or our mouthpieces of any color!) Instead, all you need is a microwave, a paper towel, and a bowl of cold water. Your youth can fit the mouthguard to their specific bite in just two minutes.

Where can I get the best pink mouthpieces for football?

Game On gives your player more shock absorption for taking tackles while also offering the ultimate in comfort and support. That’s why athletes like Drew Brees choose Game On mouthpieces for football. Order the best pink mouthpiece for football online now and trust your athlete’s orofacial health to us!