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Author: Dr. Monroe Elkin, BS PHARM., DMD

Why Athletes Need Mouthguards

If you’re a football player or you have a high schooler on the wrestling team, you know how important sports mouthguards can be. But did you know that mouthguards are important in other types of sports? For example, basketball players have the possibility of getting hit in the face with a ball or an elbow at any time. Even more solitary athletes like snowboarders can benefit from a mouthguard. After all, they aren’t immune to falling and there may be icy spots on the slopes. Game On sports mouthguards are perfect for you or your child when participating in both high- and low-contact sports.

Sports mouthguards can help to prevent blows to the head or face from turning into emergency room visits. They may help to keep your teeth in your mouth rather than getting them knocked out when a puck hits them at 50-60 miles an hour. They can help you avoid painful lacerations to soft tissue like your cheeks, lips, and tongue when a soccer ball hits your face at 40 miles an hour. And they could keep you from chewing a big gash into your tongue if you get accidentally hit on the top of the head with a lacrosse stick or cricket bat.

Game On has the first ADA-accepted mouthguards on the market. Furthermore, you can get them at an affordable price and they last a long time with proper care. To learn more about how you can customize your Game On sports mouthguard, continue reading.

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Customizable Game On Sports Mouthguards

There are a variety of ways you can customize your Game On sports mouthguard to meet your needs. For starters, we offer both youth and adult mouthguards. If the one you choose is too long for the back of your mouth, you can cut off the excess material. If it’s too short, you can stretch it out when you heat it to mold it to your teeth to make it the perfect fit for your bite.

There are some more fun ways to customize your Game On sports mouthguard as well. We have a wide variety of colors, from red, green, blue, yellow, black, and even clear, among many others. Whether you’re looking for a mouthguard in your favorite color or in your team color, you’ll find the color you want in our lineup.

Another way our mouthguards can be customized is that they can have anything you want printed on them as long as it fits. This can be your name, your team name, your team logo, or even your team mascot.

Many teams, whether junior high, high school, or adult leagues, purchase customized mouthguards in bulk so the whole team has a matching mouthguard. This shows everyone that you’re part of a team and brings a feeling of team cohesiveness to play. We offer special bulk pricing to organizations that want to order mouthguards for everyone on the team. If you’re a team manager, this is a good way to pass the discount along to your players.

When you or your players receive your custom-designed Game On sports mouthguard, you get to customize it in one more way. You will mold it specifically to fit the configuration of your teeth. This can be done in only a few short minutes using a microwave, a paper towel, and a bowl of cold water.
Many athletes who wear braces have a hard time finding a mouthguard that will fit comfortably with their orthodontic hardware, but that’s not a problem with Game On mouthguards. You can comfortably fit our mouthguards over your braces. You can even remold them as your teeth move and when your braces come off for good, so you don’t need to buy a new mouthguard every time your bite changes.

Whether or not you have braces, customizing the mouthguard to your bite helps it stay on during strenuous play and provides a more comfortable experience. You can stay hydrated, speak clearly, and breathe normally with our mouthguards. That’s because they’re made out of our patented VistaMaxx material, which was designed with the aid of dental professionals for your comfort and superior protection.

Game On® Mouthguard

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Game On® Strapped Mouthguard

Provides 2x the impact absorption of traditional mouthguards. Perfect for high octane sports that demand your best.

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Where can I get a Game On sports mouthguard?

When you think of superior protection for your teeth and mouth during sports, think of Game On. We have the first mouthguards accepted by the American Dental Association, so you can trust the quality of our product. Whether you’re in an adult baseball or softball league or you have a juvenile who plays hockey, football, or participates in martial arts training, Game On mouthguards have the protection you need. Order the best customizable sports mouthguard today and see the Game On difference for yourself.