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Author: Dr. Monroe Elkin, BS PHARM., DMD

If you’re a coach or athletic director who’s interested in sports mouthguard team sets, check out Game On. We worked with sports dentistry experts to develop durable, affordable mouthguards that offer superior comfort and shock absorption. Game On delivers a custom-fit guard that may help to reduce the impact that sports-related dental injuries can have on your athletes. In fact, mouthguards reduce the chance of harm to the teeth by almost two-thirds. Game On guards are also customizable, so you can create a custom team mouthguard your athletes will love to wear. Our mouthguards offer a broad range of unique qualities and customization options that make our guards the best team mouthguards for teams of all sizes. Read on to learn more about Game On team mouthguards.

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Why your organization should offer mouthguards

Whether you’re coaching your child’s first T-ball team, heading up a Division 1 football squad, or leading a flag football team, your athletes need protection. Sports are the source of over 40 percent of all traumatic dental injuries. Even if a mouthguard is not required by a league or governing body, providing your athletes with an opportunity to purchase a mouthguard at a discounted rate can make it easier for everyone on your team to protect themselves. 

It’s critical for athletes to wear dental protection. Injuries to the teeth, lips, tongue, and cheeks are painful, and an injury to any combination of them affects almost every moment of one’s day. Without a mouthguard, athletes can suffer dental injuries ranging from minor chips to major damage. The impact can be amplified if there are braces involved: additional lacerations to the inside of the mouth and even damage to the brackets and wires could occur. Dental injuries can take athletes out of the game for longer than you might think, and serious injuries like root fractures and displaced teeth can potentially cost an athlete thousands of dollars - even if they are insured. 

If your program requires mouthguards, it’s particularly sensible for your organization to offer athletes mouthguards. Compliance is key, though, and it can be difficult to get athletes to be consistent about wearing their protective gear. 

What should I look for when I’m choosing bulk mouthguards?

When you’re looking for bulk mouthguards, you want to make sure that each of your athletes will be able to set their guard up easily and properly at home. Game On team mouthguards are available in strapped and strapless options, and both styles feature a variety of advantages over other guards: 

 Our Competitors Game On Mouthguards
Setup An inconvenient and time-consuming process. Boiling water and molding the mouthguard can take up to 30 minutes. Quick and easy to set up. All that's needed is a microwave and bowl of cold water, and a team member can have a custom-fit mouthguard in under two minutes.
Material Thick. Other mouthguard brands rely on bulky material for protection, making it hard to communicate during the game. Thin and comfortable. Our mouthguards are made of VistaMaxx, our patented fitting material. It allows athletes to breathe, hydrate, and speak to their teammates easily without removing their guard, so it’ll be in place when it’s needed.


One-and-done. Most other brands can’t be remolded without a loss in quality.

Remoldable. VistaMaxx allows your athlete to refit their mouthguard as necessary without losing definition or shock absorption. This is especially useful for youth athletes, who may be losing baby teeth or having braces adjusted on a regular basis.

Game On® Mouthguard

Game On mouth guards are available in 14 colors. Provides 2x the impact absorption of traditional mouthguards.

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Game On® Strapped Mouthguard

Provides 2x the impact absorption of traditional mouthguards. Perfect for high octane sports that demand your best.

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Custom team mouthguards from Game On

Game On bulk mouthguards can be customized. Making your team’s mouthguards unique using colors, a team name, logo, or saying is a great way to help your athletes think of their mouthguard as a part of their uniform as well. Our team mouthguards can be customized with a wide range of options that can make wearing a guard part of the fun.

We understand that coordinating a traditional mouthguard bulk buy can be tricky too. That’s why Game On makes it simple to provide your team with dentist office-quality mouthguards at an affordable price. We can provide you with quotes, and we also offer teams buy now, pay later options in order to help athletes get the protection they deserve.

Game On offers the best bulk mouthguards for sports of all types

At Game On, our mission is to make the best sports mouthguards available to all. Our guards are used by athletes at all levels, from Peewees hitting the ice the first time to Drew Brees of the New Orleans Saints. We used our expertise in sports dentistry and technology to create the first ADA-accepted mouthguard. Game On provides superior protection and comfort at an affordable price. If you’re interested in more information or a quote, discuss your custom team mouthguard needs with Game On.