How to clean a Game On mouthguard properly

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Author: Dr. Monroe Elkin, BS PHARM., DMD

Game On offers an easy-to-clean mouthguard that may help mitigate the risk of sports-related dental injuries. Sports are a great way for individuals to socialize and exercise, but there are some risks. Studies suggest that up to 39 percent of all dental injuries are sports-related. We have collaborated with knowledgeable dental experts to create a great mouth guard that can act as a cushion between your top and bottom teeth, providing shock absorption that may help protect you from costly dental bills. Please continue reading to learn more about why Game On makes the best custom mouthguards.

Why should a mouthguard be a regular part of my uniform?

According to the National Youth Sports Foundation for Safety, an athlete may be up to 60 times more likely to sustain a dental injury if not wearing a protective mouth guard during both practices and games. Furthermore, the National Federation of State High Schools reports that high school lacrosse players had an oral injury rate above 50 percent before protective mouthguards were mandated. Since the mandate has taken effect, oral injury rates have fallen to less than 1 percent. While this research was centered around high school athletes, its conclusions are applicable to athletes of all ages.

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Why is the way my mouth guard fits important?

You have to be able to wear your mouthguard consistently to take advantage of its retentive properties. Many of our competitors utilize bulky designs that can make it difficult to hydrate or strategize with your teammates, forcing athletes to give up on them. Worse, other companies use cheap materials that simply do not provide the amount of protection you need.

In contrast, Game On Mouthguards are made with Vistamaxx. Our proprietary fitting material allows us to offer a low-profile mouth guard that may help prevent or mitigate sports-related dental injury without compromising your performance on the field. Vistamaxx also prevents bacteria, saliva, and other contaminants from lodging in your guard, helping it stay odor-free even after extended use. Perhaps most importantly, Game On guards are easy-to-clean between uses.

How do I sculpt a Game On mouthguard to my smile?

Fitting your Game On guard to your mouth is a simple, convenient process. Here is how to mold a Game On mouthguard:

  • First, you need to heat your guard. Most of our competitors require you to boil water on a stovetop to get your guard hot enough, but you can also microwave a Game On mouthguard on HIGH for 30 seconds if you would prefer.
  • Next, dip your mouth guard in cool water until it's cool enough for you to work with (3-5 seconds is usually enough).
  • Bite down on your guard to shape it to the contours of your mouth.
  • Press the front of your guard to your front teeth, applying pressure from your tongue to the roof of your mouth.
  • Finally, close your lips around your Game On mouthguard and suck for about one minute to ensure a snug fit.

How do I clean a mouthguard?

We understand that your guard doesn’t always make it back into its case before it goes into your gear bag, so Game On formulated a non-porous fitting material for our guards. That means bacteria won’t get absorbed into your mouthguard before you have the chance to clean it. Once you get home, it’s simple to clean your mouthguard. In fact, you probably already have everything you need to clean a Game On mouthguard. Unlike other mouthguards, which typically need special soaking solutions and dedicated space on the bathroom counter, Game On guards require only soap and water or a dishwasher. Every easy-to-clean mouthguard we make comes with a ventilated case to ensure proper storage as well.

Can I wear a Game On mouthguard if I have braces?

It only takes a small amount of pressure to injure your mouth if you have braces, so you can benefit from wearing Game On Mouthguards. Simply follow the steps above without applying pressure or sucking to let your mouth's natural weight guide your guard to a comfortable fit. Our easy-to-clean mouthguard for braces is also remoldable, meaning that you can repeat the steps above to refit your guard after having orthodontic work performed as opposed to buying a new one. Our competitors do not offer the same flexibility, as most boil-and-bites can only be molded once before their retentive capabilities are compromised.

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Where can I buy a Game On mouthguard right now?

We work with both professional sports dentists and regular users like you to create an easy-to-clean mouthguard that's comfortable, easy to fit, and durable for everyday use. Our guards are also the first mouthguards accepted by the ADA, helping us stand out even more in a crowded marketplace. Experience the benefits when you buy a Game On mouthguard for yourself!