How to fit a Game On mouthguard

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How to fit a Game On mouthguard

Game On mouthguards are the best custom mouthguards for sports on the market. Your mouthguard is one of the most critical parts of your uniform. Designed by sports dentistry experts, Game On mouthguards offer you optimal comfort and protection. Our flexible, thin mouth guards are made of Vistamaxx, a patented material used exclusively by Game On. It provides a number of advantages over the materials used by other companies. In fact, our mouthguards are the only guards accepted by the ADA. No matter what sport you play, Game On’s easy-to-fit mouthguards may help to provide better protection against common sports-related dental injuries than our competitors.

Why should I wear a custom-fitted mouth guard?

If you play sports, you need a mouthguard to shield you against potential dental injuries. We make the best mouthguard for sports of all types, whether you’re a gridiron warrior or an alpine skier. Athletes who don’t wear mouth protection are up to 60 percent more likely to suffer dental injuries like chipped teeth, root fractures, and even tooth displacements. Even minor injuries can lead to thousands of dollars in dental bills, and if you wear braces, the damage can be even worse. An impact to the mouth could break the wires and brackets and cause cuts on the inner cheeks, lips, and tongue. Forty percent of all dental injuries happen while playing sports, and wearing a Game On mouthguard may help you avoid becoming part of this statistic.

It’s important for your mouth guard to fit properly

Wearing a mouthguard with the proper fit is critical. Of course, a properly fitted mouthguard may help to protect you against dental injuries more effectively. However, some mouthguards rely on bulky material to provide a cushion, making it difficult to speak, hydrate, and even breathe. Game On mouthguards are made of Vistamaxx, a polymer that provides superior protective qualities while remaining thin and flexible. This allows our easy-to-fit mouthguards to remain in place whenever you’re in the game, so your guard will be in place and ready for action.

We think it’s important for your mouth guard to fit your personality too, and if you’ve got a cool mouthguard, you’re more likely to wear it. Game On mouthguards can be customized with text and numbers in five different fonts and 15 colors, plus a variety of flags and symbols. You can also choose between strapped and strapless models. Game On mouthguards let you express yourself while you protect yourself.

How to fit your Game On mouthguard

The process for fitting a Game On mouthguard to your smile is simple. Here’s how to mold a mouthguard:

  1. Wrap your Game On mouthguard with a wet paper towel.
  2. Microwave it on HIGH for 30 seconds. Remove it with caution - it will be hot.
  3. Dip the still-wrapped guard in a bowl of cold water for 3-5 seconds.
  4. Place it in your mouth and bite down gently.
  5. Press the mouthguard gently against your teeth with your fingers.
  6. Close your lips and create pressure by sucking. Suck for one minute.
Once your mouthguard is molded, it’ll settle into a secure fit. If you find that you need to shorten your mouthguard, trim the rear edges and repeat the fitting process. If you need to lengthen the mouthguard, pinch the rear edges, stretch the guard, and repeat the fitting process. You can also boil your mouthguard to heat it if you prefer. Whether you prefer the classic stovetop method or the convenient microwave alternative, Game On mouthguards are easy to mold.

Are Game On mouthguards right for people with braces?

Absolutely. If you’re wondering how to fit a mouthguard for braces, all you need to do is follow Steps 1-4 above. Don’t press the mouthguard against your teeth or suck on the guard - the weight of your mouth will help the guard form naturally around your orthodontics. Game On mouthguards are the best mouthguards for braces since they’re remoldable. Other molding materials aren’t designed to be remolded, requiring you to purchase a new guard. Game On mouthguards can be reshaped repeatedly without losing any of their retentive qualities. Whenever you go in for an adjustment, you can get a new custom mouthguard for braces without wasting time or money. All you have to do is repeat Steps 1-4 and you’ve got a mouthguard that’s made just for you.

Where can I buy Game On mouthguards?

Game On mouthguards were created using cutting-edge technology and sports dentistry innovation to make the best mouthguards for athletes. Our easy-to-fit mouthguards are easy to care for too, with no special solutions or soaking required. Our guards have the approval from pros of all types, from athletes like Drew Brees to dental health specialists at the American Dental Association. We provide players of all ages with personalized, comfortable mouthguards that may help to prevent costly and painful dental injuries.

A mouthguard unlike any other

Designed by exerpts in engineering and sports dentistry and validated with 5-star consumer reviews, Game On® is made with a proprietary advanced polymer called VISTAMAXX and is the only mouthguard accepted by the American Dental Association.

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Five Star Reviews Don't Lie


One thing I noticed about people in karate using mouthguards is that they can't "kiai," or shout, which is an important aspect in karate where we let out everything from the diaphragm during the moment of impact to focus a punch or kick. I found that the Game On doesn't inhibit the kiai at all.

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