Protecting Your Youth Volleyball Player

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Author: Dr. Monroe Elkin, BS PHARM., DMD

Risk of Injury in Volleyball Players

While only a small percentage of sports injuries happen during volleyball games, there are accidents you need to protect your child or teen from when they are playing the game. You may not think of mouthguards when you think of volleyball, but as your player is setting, spiking, and hitting the ball, the chance for injury is always there. If their attention is diverted for even a split second, your player could get hit in the face, which could cause damage to their teeth. These can be painful, and expensive, injuries to treat. 

Preventing such injuries using a volleyball mouthguard can make your player feel safer, and help you feel even more excited about their participation in volleyball. Continue reading to learn more about the Game On mouthguard and how it can help your volleyball player stay safer during their games and practices.

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Why should my volleyball player wear a mouthguard?

For starters, up to 39 percent of all dental injuries come from sports. Players who do not wear a mouthguard are 60 times more likely to experience a dental injury than those who do. Volleyball may not be the highest contact sport, but there are many ways your child could end up with a dental injury. A ball in the face, an elbow in the jaw, an impact with another player, or even by falling down and hitting their face against the floor.

Not all injuries of this type will knock out teeth, but even a relatively minor hit to the face can cause lacerations on the cheeks and gums. These can be incredibly painful for your player. A high-quality volleyball mouthguard can make all the difference when it comes to protecting your child’s teeth from potential injuries. 

What is the best volleyball mouthguard?

The best volleyball mouthguard, according to experts, is one that is custom-fit to the mouth of each individual player, not a generic, bulky guard that may not fit correctly. The Game On volleyball mouthguard is customizable and you can start the simple process as soon as you receive it. Rather than boiling and biting the mouthguard, you or your player can use a microwave, paper towel, and bowl of cold water to quickly and precisely fit the guard to their teeth. 

If the mouthguard you receive is too small, you can stretch the material once it’s heated up and soft enough to fit all the way to your child’s back teeth. If it is too large, you can cut off the excess material at the ends for a perfect fit. In fact, we provide expert tips for fitting the mouthguard to your volleyball player’s mouth so you can be sure they’re protected as they play.

In addition to the ability to provide a customized fit, there are other important attributes to look for when you’re seeking the best volleyball mouthguard. For example, the Game On volleyball mouthguard is the first ADA-accepted mouthguard on the market, which says a lot about the quality. Our mouthguards are made of our patented VistaMaxx material, which we developed with the help of dental experts. The Game On mouthguard is tough enough to protect your volleyball player while remaining thin enough to talk or drink with it in. This makes it more likely that your athlete will wear their mouthguard even if you’re not around. 

Another attractive feature is the variety of customization options. The mouthguard comes in multiple colors, so you can get one that matches your player’s team colors. You can even talk to the coach about getting bulk mouthguards with the team logo for the whole team. That kind of quality can build up team spirit and encourage each athlete to wear their mouthguard so not only your child, but the whole team, can be safer from injuries to the face, jaw, or mouth.

It can be especially painful to get hit in the mouth if your player is wearing braces. Fortunately, the Game On volleyball mouthguard is designed to work well with braces. Your athlete can remold it as their teeth move and further orthodontic work is completed on their teeth. Game On has the only off-the-shelf mouthguard that can be custom-fit over your teen’s braces, so it’s an excellent investment in your child’s future dental health. 

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How can I buy a Game On mouthguard for my volleyball player?

Game On has the best volleyball mouthguard on the market. It combines comfort, protection, and style. The fact that it’s the first volleyball mouthguard accepted by the American Dental Association demonstrates that it is effective to prevent the consequences of all kinds of mouth, tooth, and jaw injuries that your athlete might sustain while playing volleyball. To see the Game On difference for yourself, order the best volleyball mouthguard today!