Protecting Your Youth Baseball Player

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Author: Dr. Monroe Elkin, BS PHARM., DMD

Risk of Injury to Baseball Players

Baseball may be the most American of all the sports, and it’s a fun game to play with your family or on a team. If your son or daughter has joined a baseball team, you’ll want to make sure you do your best to protect them from potential injuries. For example, a baseball glove keeps their hand from sustaining injuries while catching the ball. When they are at bat, they likely wear a helmet that protects their skull and brain from injuries, and if they’re behind the plate, they’ll get protection from a whole bunch of padding and a full mask. Other than the catcher, baseball players have nothing protecting their mouth and teeth unless they wear a baseball mouthguard. 

The best mouthguard on the market is the Game On baseball mouthguard, and we’re proud to provide a superior product to your baseball player at a reasonable price. Best in protection, comfort, and style, the Game On mouthguard should be considered an essential part of your baseball player’s uniform.

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Why should my youth baseball player wear a mouthguard?

There are all kinds of dental injuries that can be caused by a ball moving up to 85 miles per hour. The same can be said for diving catches and sliding into base to avoid a tag. Unfortunately, a standard baseball uniform does not protect a player’s teeth, and this is where the Game On baseball mouthguard comes in. 

The damage that can be done to your player’s teeth if they get hit in the mouth by a pitch is unthinkable. Chipped and broken teeth are just the beginning. The velocity of the ball can cause the teeth to cut up the lips and gums as well. If your student athlete is running the bases and needs to slide into home for the winning run, they could end up faceplanting in the dirt or on the base itself. These injuries are not just painful, but they may also require expensive orthodontic or dental work to fix.

As a parent, you’ll definitely want to provide your child with the best baseball mouthguard. A Game On baseball mouthguard can help to protect your child’s teeth, lips, and cheeks against painful injuries. 

What’s the best baseball mouthguard for my athlete?

According to experts in the field, custom-fit mouthguards are the best option to provide additional protection against harmful dental injuries. Some youth mouthguards on the market today are bulky and uncomfortable, designed to fit a “standard” mouth that may not be right for smaller mouths. The Game On mouthguard is made of VistaMaxx, a thin, durable material developed with the assistance of dental professionals for your athlete’s comfort as well as their protection. A Game On baseball mouthguard can help to prevent damage to your player’s teeth, lips, and gums. And because it’s comfortable enough to allow them to talk, breathe, and drink while wearing it, the odds are good that your athlete will wear their protective baseball mouthguard even when you’re not around.

The Game On baseball mouthguard can easily be fitted to your athlete’s smile. All you need is a microwave, a paper towel, and a bowl of cold water. If the mouthguard starts out too large or small, you can easily remedy this by cutting off the extra length or gently stretching the ends to fit over all of your athlete’s teeth. 

Game On’s baseball mouthguard was also designed with players who wear braces in mind. Instead of buying a new mouthguard each time their braces are adjusted, all you need to do is remold their mouthguard to their new bite. Game On has the best baseball mouthguard available, and it’s an excellent investment to make in your youth’s sports career.

You can customize your baseball player’s mouthguard even further with the many options available for Game On baseball mouthguards. They come in a wide variety of colors, ensuring you can find one that matches with your athlete’s team colors. Not only that, but you can even order a customized baseball mouthguard with an athlete or team name, jersey number, or logo printed on the front. You might even suggest a bulk order to the team manager to provide the whole team with matching mouthguards that provide superior protection from tooth, lip, and cheek injuries.

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Where can I buy a Game On baseball mouthguard?

Game On baseball mouthguards are the best over-the-counter mouthguards on the market. Created for your athlete’s protection, comfort, and style, our mouthguard is the first guard to have received the American Dental Association’s Acceptance Seal. The Game On baseball mouthguard can protect your athlete’s cheeks, lips, and teeth from dangerous and painful injuries, even if they wear braces. To see what a difference Game On can make, order the best baseball mouthguard online today!