Protecting Your Youth Basketball Player

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Author: Dr. Monroe Elkin, BS PHARM., DMD

Risk of Injury to Basketball Players

One thing notable about basketball players is that they don’t wear much in the way of protective gear. Many basketball players don’t wear mouthguards, either, though they could benefit from wearing the best mouthguard on the market, our Game On basketball mouthguard

You may notice that, though mouthguards are not required in the NBA, most players wear them anyway. They are useful in basketball because more than 10% of college players sustain at least one dental injury in a single season, so it should be a part of your youth basketball player’s uniform. If your high school basketball player’s team does not require mouthguards, that doesn’t mean they don’t need them. Our mouthguards provide premium protection at an affordable price. The Game On basketball mouthguard is the best available in style, comfort, and protection. 

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Why should my youth basketball player wear a mouthguard?

As a parent, you’re probably all too aware of the types of injuries that can be sustained by your child who plays basketball. While broken bones or strained muscles top out the list, injuries to the mouth are not unheard of. An elbow to the jaw or mouth can mean a great deal of pain for your athlete. The same is true if a ball hits them in the face, or if they trip over another player’s feet (or their own — middle and high school can be an awkward time) and hit the floor face first. Painful injuries like this can affect more than just your youth’s teeth. Their gums, lips, and cheeks can be in danger, too. Having them wear a Game On mouthguard could alleviate your concerns about these types of accidents.

It’s hard to think about the kind of harm that can come to your basketball player’s teeth if they were to get hit in the mouth. They could endure chipped or broken teeth or painful lacerations to their cheeks, tongue, or lips. Your child could end up facing expensive dental or orthodontic work. When you consider the alternative, wearing a mouthguard seems like an obvious choice. 

What is the best basketball mouthguard?

One thing experts agree on is that the safest mouthguards for athletes are custom-fit guards. There are plenty of over-the-counter mouthguards available, but most of them are big and bulky, which makes them uncomfortable for your athlete to wear. In contrast, the Game On basketball mouthguard is easy to wear and mold specifically to your basketball player’s mouth in just a few minutes. If the mouthguard is too big or little, it’s easy to fix that as well. Detailed instructions on how to quickly and easily fit the mouthguard to your athlete’s teeth are included with each order.

Our mouthguards were engineered with the help of dental professionals who care about your athlete’s comfort and safety. Our patented VistaMaxx material is strong enough to give your youth premium protection against mouth and dental injuries, yet thin enough to be comfortable to wear. You can be confident that your child is receiving the best protection because our mouthguards are the first ones accepted by the American Dental Association. You can feel confident that your youth will wear the mouthguard even when you’re not around to make them because they are comfortable — your player will be able to speak clearly and drink water with the mouthguard in.

Many middle and high school students wear traditional metal braces, which can make finding a compatible basketball mouthguard even more difficult. Yet it’s even more essential for your youth with braces to have protection against mouth and dental injuries. The Game On basketball mouthguard is perfect for students with braces because of our mouthguard’s custom molding properties. As your player’s teeth move due to orthodontic work, they can easily remold the Game On mouthguard to fit their new bite. They can do so as many times as necessary until the braces come off.

Another feature of Game On basketball mouthguards that makes them attractive to youth is that they are available in a variety of colors. Your athlete may want one in their favorite color or team colors. The mouthguard can also be customized with the team logo or even your child’s name if they want. In fact, their team manager could make matching Game On mouthguards available for all the players on the team for a cohesive look.

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Where can I buy a Game On basketball mouthguard?

The first ADA-accepted basketball mouthguards are Game On mouthguards. This indicates their quality and effectiveness. We created them specifically for your athlete’s style, comfort, and most importantly, their protection. Whether or not your youth has braces, the Game On basketball mouthguard can help to protect their lips, gums, and teeth from painful lacerations. Order the best basketball mouthguard online today and see the difference Game On can make!