Protecting Your Youth Football Player

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Author: Dr. Monroe Elkin, BS PHARM., DMD

High Risk of Injury in Football Players

It can be exciting to see your young athlete begin to play with their first football team. But did you know that football causes more injuries to children between the ages of 12 to 17 than any other sport? It’s important to protect your football player when they step on the field. After all, you wouldn’t send them into a practice or game without their pads and helmet, would you? It’s equally important to send them onto the field with their protective football mouthguard. A custom-fit mouthguard should be a regular part of every youth football player’s uniform, and Game On is happy to offer top-notch football mouthguards for your athlete.

Game On has the best football mouthguards for youth football players, whether your child plays full-contact football or flag football. These are the first football mouthguards that are accepted by the American Dental Association. This gives you the assurance that when your athlete puts in their Game On football mouthguard, they are getting great protection from injuries to their teeth, gums, and mouth. 

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Why should my football player wear a mouthguard?

Football is a sport that can cause many kinds of injuries during play. That’s why there are pads and helmets. That’s also why most football players wear mouthguards. As many as 39 percent of all dental injuries come from sports-related accidents, and athletes who do not wear a mouthguard are 60 times more likely to sustain a dental injury than players who do.

Football is a high-contact sport. While a helmet can help prevent some dental injuries, it’s not enough. As your athlete’s head gets banged around during play, their teeth could slam together violently, causing chipped and broken teeth or injuries to the tongue, lips, and cheeks. The danger for this kind of injury is even higher in players who wear braces. Providing the best mouthguard for your student athlete is a smart choice to make.

What is the best football mouthguard?

Experts agree that a custom-fit mouthguard is the best option for protecting sports participants from painful dental injuries. Some mouthguards are too bulky and do not fit specifically to your athlete’s teeth. The Game On mouthguard, on the other hand, can be easily customized to your child’s teeth, even if they have braces. This provides a snugger fit, makes it less likely the mouthguard will fall out, and allows your player to talk, drink, and breathe with the mouthguard in. Game On mouthguards come with or without a strap to suit your athlete’s preferences.

When your child receives their football mouthguard from Game On, it may seem too large or too small. The solution is simple — if it’s too small, it can be gently stretched out to fit the backmost teeth. If it’s too small, the ends can be trimmed to precisely fit your player’s mouth. We provide expert tips on how to customize their football mouthguard to their teeth so you can feel confident that their teeth and mouth will get extra protection as they play football.

The best football mouthguards have certain attributes that demonstrate their effectiveness beyond the customized fit. We developed our football mouthguards with the help of dental experts. They are made of VistaMaxx, our patented material. It’s tough enough to protect your athlete while also being comfortable enough to allow them to talk and drink during play, which is important for a football player. Their comfort also makes it more likely that your football player will continue to wear the mouthguard even when you’re not around.

Another feature your student athlete may find attractive is that our football mouthguards come in a variety of colors so you can get them one that matches their uniform. You can even order customized mouthguards with your child’s number, name, or logo printed onto them. The whole team can get matching mouthguards if they want. Protecting every player from painful face, jaw, or mouth injuries can help them go farther than ever before.

Braces can make mouth injuries especially painful. That’s why we developed our VistaMaxx material to work well with all types of orthodontics. Your football player can remold the mouthguard as their orthodontic work continues, so you don’t need to buy an additional guard as their teeth change position. Game On has the best football mouthguard available, so it’s a great investment to make to keep your athlete safer.

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Where can I get a Game On football mouthguard for my student athlete?

Game On offers the best football mouthguard on the market. Our mouthguards combine protection, comfort, and style. In fact, it’s the first mouthguard accepted by the ADA, which demonstrates its effectiveness in protecting your athlete from the painful consequences of all kinds of mouth, tooth, and jaw injuries. To see the Game On difference in person, order the best football mouthguard today!