Protecting Your Youth Hockey Player

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Author: Dr. Monroe Elkin, BS PHARM., DMD

Risk of Injury to Hockey Players

Hockey players wear a lot of protective gear, but not all players wear mouthguards, which are essential to the sport due to the potential for serious dental injuries during the game. In one study, 90% of injured hockey players did not wear a mouthguard such as the Game On hockey mouthguard. The National Federal of State High School Associations (NFHS) requires properly fitted mouthguards for both ice and field hockey. Whether your child plays ice or field hockey, a Game On mouthguard should be a part of their uniform. Our mouthguards offer premium protection against dental and orthodontic injuries and are available at an affordable price.

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Why should my youth hockey player wear a mouthguard?

As a parent, you are likely plenty aware of the types of injuries that many hockey players experience. Some of the most common injuries are concussion, shoulder injuries, MCL injuries, groin or hamstring pulls, and ankle sprains. Another of the most common hockey injuries are dental in nature. With a hard puck flying across the ice at up to 100 miles per hour, players without good mouth protection may be in for a world of hurt. At the same time, with everyone aiming for the puck, it’s easy for a high stick to hit your athlete in the face or mouth. Facial injuries can also happen if your child’s face hits the boards or the ice during play. 

These are painful injuries that can affect your player’s teeth for years to come. They might end up with chipped or broken teeth that need to be replaced with prosthetics. But not only their teeth can be hurt. Painful lacerations can happen to the soft tissue in your athlete’s mouth, including their cheeks, gums, lips, and tongue. You can imagine all types of facial and dental injuries, and it makes it that much more obvious that a Game On hockey mouthguard is an obvious choice.

What is the best hockey mouthguard?

Professionals in the industry agree that the safest mouthguard for your hockey player is one that is custom-fit to their teeth. There are many big, bulky, over-the-counter options for your player, but they can be uncomfortable for your athlete to wear. One thing you don’t want is to make your athlete’s hockey playing a chore for them. If they have to wear especially uncomfortable protective gear, like a bulky mouthguard, their interest in the sport may wane. If they love hockey, it’s your job to make sure they can play it safely and comfortably.

The Game On hockey mouthguard is easy to wear and can be molded specifically to your hockey player’s mouth in just a couple of minutes. We include detailed instructions on how your athlete can easily and quickly mold the mouthguard to their teeth in every order.

Our mouthguards were designed with the assistance of professionals in the dental industry who are concerned with your hockey player’s comfort and safety. The mouthguard is made of our patented VistaMaxx material, which is strong enough to provide premium protection against mouth and dental injuries while also being thin enough to be comfortable to wear. Your athlete will be able to speak clearly and even drink water with the mouthguard in, so they’ll be more likely to wear it throughout the entire practice or game.

Our Game On mouthguards are the first ones accepted by the American Dental Association. This means you can have confidence knowing that your young hockey player has the best protection available against dental injuries while on the ice or on the field. 

Finding a quality mouthguard for your hockey player can be even more difficult if they wear traditional metal braces, as many kids do. This doesn’t change the fact that they must wear a proper mouthguard. In fact, youth with braces have more opportunities for painful lacerations and gashes in their mouth because of the metal brackets and wires. 

That’s why the Game On hockey mouthguard is perfect for athletes with braces. Not only is it easy to custom-fit the mouthguard to your child’s teeth with the braces on, but you can remold the same mouthguard each time their bite changes. This prevents you from having to buy a different mouthguard each time their braces are adjusted and saves money and hassle.

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Where can I buy the Game On hockey mouthguard?

Game On hockey mouthguards are an attractive choice for your athlete because of their effective protection as well as the ability to customize them. Your player can get a mouthguard in their favorite color or team color and can have their name, number, or team logo printed on the mouthguard. Whether your child has braces or not, the Game On hockey mouthguard can protect their lips, teeth, and gums from painful lacerations. Order the best hockey mouthguard online today and see the difference Game On can make for your youth hockey player!