Protecting Your Youth Soccer Player

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Author: Dr. Monroe Elkin, BS PHARM., DMD

Risk of Injury to Soccer Players

Soccer is an increasingly popular sport among middle and high school players in the United States. When your child or teen joins a soccer team, you want to be sure to protect them from any potential injuries. That’s why their uniform includes special shoes and shin pads. What their uniform may not include is protection for their mouth — their teeth, lips, tongue, and cheeks. Whether or not the league they’re in allows heading a ball, there is still plenty of potential for injury to this area of the face from a stray ball or even another player accidentally running into your athlete. The best mouthguard you can get for your youth soccer player is the Game On mouthguard. Our mouthguard is the best in protection, comfort, and style, and available for an affordable price. You should consider the Game On mouthguard a non-negotiable part of your soccer player’s uniform.

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Why should my youth soccer player wear a mouthguard?

When a hefty soccer ball hits your child at high speed, serious injuries can occur. While another player would not purposely aim the ball at your youth’s head or face, it can certainly happen accidentally. If your child’s league allows heading the ball, there is further opportunity for damage from the residual impact. The standard soccer uniform does not protect the mouth, so that’s where the Game On soccer mouthguard comes into play.

While head and mouth injuries are not the most common wounds sustained by soccer players during a game, that won’t help your child if the ball hits them in the face. They could end up with chipped or broken teeth or lacerations to the inside of their lips, tongue, or cheeks. They may need a dental or orthodontic remedy, and they will likely feel quite a bit of pain. Either way, it’s not a pleasant situation.

As a parent, you obviously want to provide the best protection for your youth soccer player. Our Game On soccer mouthguard can protect your athlete’s teeth and inner mouth against this kind of damage. 

What is the best soccer mouthguard?

Experts agree that custom-fit soccer mouthguards provide the best in safety and can help to prevent painful dental injuries. Some mouthguards on the market are too bulky to be comfortable and are not custom-fit to your athlete’s mouth. The Game On soccer mouthguard can easily be molded to your student player’s teeth for superior protection.

Fitting the Game On soccer mouthguard to your athlete’s teeth couldn’t be easier. All you need is a paper towel, microwave, and a bowl of cold water. If the mouthguard doesn’t fit perfectly, you can either cut off the extraneous material or stretch the guard so it fits to the size of your player’s mouth.

We developed our patented VistaMaxx material with the help of dental professionals and polymer experts for your athlete’s comfort as well as their protection. You can be assured that your soccer player is receiving additional protection from potential injuries to their lips, cheeks, and teeth when they wear their Game On mouthguard. Since it’s comfortable enough to allow your youth to talk and drink while wearing it, you can feel confident that they will wear their protective soccer mouthguard routinely.

Another reason your soccer player may find the Game On soccer mouthguard an attractive option is because it can be customized in a number of ways. You can get one in their team colors that are personalized with your player’s name, team name, mascot, or your player’s number. You could even suggest to the team manager that the whole team purchase mouthguards customized to match their uniforms so that every player can have superior protection from the consequences of injuries to their teeth, lips, cheeks, and tongue.

Many young soccer players have traditional braces, which can be a problem with many mouthguards. But Game On soccer mouthguards are made to work well with athletes who wear braces. You and your child can mold the mouthguard as soon as they receive it, and as further dental work is done, you can remold it to their new configuration. The same is true when the braces come off. Game On has the best soccer mouthguard available, so why not make the investment in your soccer player’s safety? 

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Where can I buy a Game On soccer mouthguard?

Game On is proud to provide the best soccer mouthguard on the market. We offer the first soccer mouthguard accepted by the American Dental Association, so you can feel assured that your athlete is receiving the best in protection and comfort from their stylish mouthguard, whether they have traditional braces or not. Our soccer mouthguard may help to provide additional protection to your youth player’s teeth, lips, cheeks, and tongue from painful and damaging injuries. Order the best soccer mouthguard online today to see just what a difference Game On can make for your athlete!