Protecting Your Youth Wrestler

The Game On Advantage

Author: Dr. Monroe Elkin, BS PHARM., DMD

Risk of Injury to Wrestlers

While not all high school wrestling teams require mouthguards, you can protect your student athlete by providing them with a Game On wrestling mouthguard. Wrestling is a high contact sport that middle and high school students can participate in up to the varsity level. It’s nothing like the WWE wrestling you see on TV, but there are many opportunities for injuries, particularly to the mouth and teeth. 

As athletes contort their bodies in an attempt to pin each other, elbows, heads, knees, and more may come in contact with the other player’s face. If the contact is rough enough, an athlete can sustain injuries to their teeth, cheeks, lips, tongue, or even lose or chip a tooth. Our Game On mouthguard is the best on the market and we’re happy to provide your youth wrestler with premium protection at a reasonable price. The Game On wrestling mouthguard is top in comfort, style, and protection and should be considered an essential part of your wrestler’s uniform.

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What is the best wrestling mouthguard?

Experts agree that custom-fit mouthguards are the best at providing safety and preventing sports players from sustaining harmful dental injuries. Other mouthguards you can buy are bulky and uncomfortable. Many over-the-counter guards are designed to fit a “standard” mouth, but nobody really has a standard mouth. On the other hand, the Game On wrestling mouthguard has been designed with the assistance of dental professionals. Our mouthguard is engineered to remain thin and comfortable enough to make them easy to wear, yet strong enough to deliver protection to your student athlete’s teeth, lips, cheeks, and tongue. Some sources report that having a mouthguard can protect against concussions sustained from being banged on the bottom of the chin as well. 

The Game On wrestling mouthguard can be easily fitted to your junior wrestler’s teeth using a microwave, a paper towel, and a bowl of cold water. If the mouthguard starts out too large or small, it’s easy to make it fit perfectly to your child’s teeth. If it’s too large, cut off the excess material at the back ends until it aligns with their teeth, and if it’s too small, simply stretch it once it’s pliable to cover them completely. 

Because the Game On wrestling mouthguard is comfortable and easy to wear, your wrestler can easily speak and drink water while wearing it. This makes it more likely that your athlete will wear the mouthguard all the time. After all, a mouthguard that doesn’t get worn doesn’t provide much protection.

Another reason the Game On wrestling mouthguard is an attractive option is that it comes in a wide variety of colors. You can order one that matches your youth wrestler’s school or team colors. In addition, you can have a logo, team name, mascot, or player name printed on the mouthguard. If your child’s wrestling team manager is amenable, the entire wrestling team can get matching mouthguards to add a little bit of extra team spirit to the sport. That, plus the essential protection against injuries a good wrestling mouthguard offers, can make for a more fun and safe experience for the entire team.

Wrestlers with traditional braces are especially susceptible to painful dental injuries while participating in the sport. Each hit to your child’s mouth has that much more of a chance of slicing up their gums, cheeks, lips, and tongue. One of the most unique reasons the Game On wrestling mouthguard is good for athletes with braces is because it is remoldable. As your young wrestler’s teeth move, they can go through the same process originally used to mold the mouthguard to their teeth to fit it to fit the new configuration of their mouth. This helps make Game On wrestling mouthguards an affordable option, as you don’t need to buy a new mouthguard each time your child’s teeth are adjusted or when the braces finally come off.

Game On makes the best wrestling mouthguards available. It is a wise choice and an excellent investment to make in your child’s middle or high school sporting career. 

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Where can I buy a Game On wrestling mouthguard?

Game On wrestling mouthguards are the top of the line. The fact that they are the first mouthguard accepted by the American Dental Association demonstrates this and gives you the assurance you need that your wrestler’s teeth are receiving the best protection possible as they practice or compete in their sport. We created the mouthguard for your player’s protection and also to provide the best comfort and style. The Game On wrestling mouthguard can protect your athlete’s cheeks, lips, tongue, and teeth from painful, dangerous injuries. To find out what a difference the Game On mouthguard can make, order the best wrestling mouthguard online today!