Team Mouthguards for College Football

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Author: Dr. Monroe Elkin, BS PHARM., DMD

Your Athletes Will Love the Team Mouthguards You Get From Game On

College athletic directors and coaches who are interested in providing their players with custom team mouthguards should consider the customizable bulk mouthguards provided by Game On. These affordable and durable mouthguards provide exceptional comfort and can absorb shock as well as or better than their much bulkier competitors. If you’re looking for a college football mouthguard that can protect your athletes while giving them a sense of team cohesiveness, Game On mouthguards are for you. They are also the best choice for coaches looking to reduce the chance of sports-related dental injuries by about two-thirds. Safety is the  most important quality that our customizable team mouth guards address, and the variety of features to make a unique product for your team is an added bonus. 

Football is arguably the highest-contact sport played in the country. Athletes wear pads and helmets to keep their bodies safe, and an important addition to their safety gear is a mouthguard. 

Since sports are the cause of more than 40 percent of all traumatic dental injuries, you want to do all you can to reduce the chance of your players suffering injuries to their lips, teeth, tongue, and cheeks. While these injuries may not be as visually obvious as a broken bone or sprained muscle, they can cause a great deal of pain for your team members and can be a barrier to playing at their best. In fact, dental injuries can keep them off the field for longer than you might imagine, which can be detrimental to your program and the individual athlete’s future. 

College football mouthguards from Game On offer customized protection from dental injuries for your players at a discounted price. By buying the best football mouthguards in bulk, you can ensure that each member of the team has the same high degree of protection from dental injuries. Players who wear braces can take comfort knowing they are wearing the best football mouthguard for braces. This is important because braces can exacerbate any dental injury a player could suffer. Not only can an athlete incur severe damage like chipped teeth or ripped-up gums and lips, but the braces themselves can be harmed in a serious incident. Either way, your player could end up with thousands of dollars’ worth of damage. 

Providing your student athletes with mouthguards is one thing, but getting them to wear them consistently on the field is another. If your players are used to bulky, uncomfortable mouthguards, Game On mouthguards can make a difference. 

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How Are Game On Mouthguards Better Than Their Competitors?

The level of customization offered by Game On, in addition to the excellent protection provided, makes ours the best football mouthguard on the market. For one thing, it can take up to 30 minutes to mold other mouthguards. Furthermore, most brands can’t be remolded to a player’s changing dental condition if they have braces. 

Game On mouthguards are easy to set up. It takes about two minutes for a player to personalize their mouthguard to fit them. Most importantly, though, Game On mouthguards are completely remoldable. The material used, VistaMaxx, can be reconfigured as your athletes’ mouths change. This can be especially helpful for players with braces. Each time they get a new setting, they can remold their mouthguard to fit the new setting. And when they finally get their braces off, they don’t need to get a new mouthguard because their Game On mouthguard can be remolded properly.

VistaMaxx does not count on thickness to provide quality protection for your players’ mouths and teeth. Your players will be able to breath, hydrate, and communicate with their mouthguards in, which is uncommon in other brands.

How Else Can Game On Mouthguards Be Customized for My Team?

One way to ensure your student athletes are wearing their mouthguards is to make them a part of their uniform. You can customize your team’s Game On mouthguards by using your school colors and a logo, team name, or motivational saying used by your team. Not only will this encourage them to wear their mouthguard as a part of their uniform, but as a way to demonstrate they are part of the team.

You can be confident that Game On will provide your team with dentist-quality mouthguards at an affordable price. With reliable quotes and handy options to buy now and pay later, you can get your team the customized dental protection they deserve.

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Game On Offers the Best Bulk Football Mouthguards

We have the first ADA-accepted mouthguards on the market, so you can be sure you’re getting the best product available. These easy-to-care-for mouthguards are comfortable and affordable. Buy the best bulk mouthguards for your college football team now.