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Author: Dr. Monroe Elkin, BS PHARM., DMD

Risk of Injury to Young Athletes

Whether your young athlete is playing baseball, soccer, football, or lacrosse, it’s important that a mouthguard be part of their regular uniform. This is true for virtually any sport, including snowboarding, gymnastics, and skiing. That’s because no matter what sport your child plays, there is a danger for injuries to the mouth and face. Many sports teams, especially at the youth level, require mouthguards, but not all do. It’s up to you to make sure your young athlete is protected in every way possible, including their mouth, lips, cheeks, and tongue. Game On youth mouthguards are the best on the market and come with a plethora of benefits and attractive features.

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Why should my youth athlete wear a mouthguard?

There are opportunities for head and mouth injuries no matter what sport your child chooses to play. They may try to head-butt a soccer ball at high speed and cause their teeth to slam shut on their tongue. They could take a wrong turn on their snowboarding course and run into a tree branch. A teammate may pass a basketball to them and accidentally hit them in the face. And of course, there are many ways to get a head or mouth injury in football. 

Some of these sports require the use of a mouthguard, but some do not. Either way, you can make sure your athlete’s teeth and inner mouth have extra protection by having them wear a Game On youth mouthguard. You can help them prevent getting chipped teeth or having teeth knocked out plus avoid painful lacerations to their cheeks, gums, and tongue. 

Without this kind of protection, your child could end up needing dental or orthodontic remedies, including surgery. Even if they just end up in a great deal of pain, it’s not a pleasant situation.

As a parent, you obviously want the best protection for your youth athlete. Our Game On youth mouthguard can protect your young athlete’s teeth and inner mouth against these kinds of damages. 

What is the best youth mouthguard?

According to experts in the field, custom-fit youth mouthguards provide the greatest amount of safety and are best at preventing painful dental injuries. Many of the mouthguards on the market are too bulky to be comfortable because they don’t fit specifically to your child’s mouth. Game On youth mouthguards can be easily fit to your athlete’s teeth for superior protection.

Molding the Game On youth mouthguard to your child’s teeth couldn’t be easier. You only need a paper towel, microwave, and a bowl of cold water. Because young peoples’ mouths vary widely, you can easily fit the mouthguard for their mouth. If it doesn’t cover the furthest back teeth, you can stretch it so it fits perfectly. Likewise, if it’s too long, you can simply trim off the extra material.

Our mouthguards are made with our patented VistaMaxx material and were developed with the assistance of dental professionals with your athlete’s comfort and safety in mind. You can be confident that your child is protected from damaging injuries to their cheeks, lips, and teeth when they wear their Game On youth mouthguard. In fact, it’s so comfortable that they will be able to speak clearly and drink water while wearing it. This can help you feel certain your youth will wear it even when you’re not around.

Your young athlete will appreciate the Game On youth mouthguard because it’s able to be customized in a number of ways. First, you can get them a mouthguard in their favorite color or their team colors. There are a wide variety of color choices, so their favorite is bound to be available. In addition, you can get the mouthguard personalized with your player’s name, their team name or mascot, or your player’s number. If you’re the team manager, you can make sure each athlete gets mouthguards that match their uniforms so all players can enjoy superior protection from injuries to their mouth.

If your young athlete has traditional braces, they might have a hard time finding a mouthguard to fit over them. This isn’t a problem with Game On youth mouthguards because they’re made to work well for athletes with braces. Furthermore, your player can easily remold the same mouthguard as the configuration of their teeth changes. Game On has the best youth mouthguards available, so it’s worth it to make the investment in your athlete’s safety.

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Where can I buy a Game On youth mouthguard?

Game On is happy to offer the best youth mouthguard on the market. In fact, we have the first youth mouthguard accepted by the American Dental Association, so you can be confident your athlete is receiving the best protection and comfort from their in-style mouthguard, whether they have braces or not. Order the best youth mouthguard online today to see just what a difference Game On can make for your young athlete!