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The Best Rugby Mouthguard

Potential for Injuries in Rugby

If you don’t like taking hits or risking injuries, you probably shouldn’t play rugby. For a long time, protective gear was frowned upon in rugby circles. That’s no longer the case, and because concussions and dental injuries are not uncommon in the sport, it’s a good idea to take advantage of the protective gear offered. Because playing rugby at any level is likely to end up with you getting (accidentally) punched, kicked, or elbowed in the mouth, the most important piece of protective equipment for rugby players is a mouthguard. The Game On rugby mouthguard is the best one on the market.

Since rugby is a collision sport, the probability of getting bonked on the head from time to time in the normal course of play is pretty high. That’s why rugby players often wear protective headgear. Avoiding a concussion or memory loss is important. So is avoiding dental injuries. Without a mouthguard, you are more likely to suffer from missing, broken, or cracked teeth, as well as injuries to the soft tissues of your mouth from your teeth causing lacerations to your cheeks, lips, and tongue. Using a Game On rugby mouthguard just makes sense.

Why should I wear a rugby mouthguard?

Rugby is known for the many injuries its players can sustain. The injuries are generally not as serious or as frequent as they are for those who play football or participate in boxing, but they can be quite serious. That’s why there are padded shirts and gloves, protective headgear, and mouthguards available for rugby players. As many as 39 percent of all dental injuries occur in sports-related accidents. Furthermore, athletes who do not wear a mouthguard are a full 60 times more likely to sustain a dental injury than players who do not wear one.

While getting hit in the mouth is one way you can sustain a dental injury in rugby, it’s not the only way. Getting hit on the head can often cause you to bite down hard, and can result in gashes to your tongue or other soft tissue in your mouth. You could easily lose a tooth or have one shoved up into your gums if this happens when you’re not wearing a mouthguard. The danger for this type of injury is even greater in rugby players who wear braces. Procuring the best mouthguard for yourself as a rugby player is the only smart choice to make.

What is the best rugby mouthguard?

Dental experts agree that the best rugby mouthguard is one that is custom-fit to your bite. Other mouthguards can be too bulky and uncomfortable, as well as making it hard to breathe properly while wearing them. You can easily mold the Game On rugby mouthguard to your teeth, even if you have braces. This gives the mouthguard a snugger fit and allows you to speak clearly, take hydration, and breathe easily with the mouthguard in. 

If you find that the Game On mouthguard you receive is too long or short compared to your back teeth, it’s easy to fix. All you have to do is either cut off excess material at the back or stretch out the material to cover your furthest back teeth. Each Game On rugby mouthguard comes with clear instructions on how to customize your mouthguard to fit your bite precisely. 

The Game On mouthguards are the only ones that have been accepted by the American Dental Association. This should give you the confidence that you are experiencing premium protection when you wear one of our mouthguards while playing rugby. The mouthguard is made of our patented VistaMaxx material, which is strong enough to protect from certain dental injuries, while being flexible enough to be comfortable to wear. This is important in a mouthguard, because if it’s uncomfortable, you’re less likely to wear it, and it doesn’t offer any protection at all if it’s sitting forgotten in your locker.

You can customize your Game On rugby mouthguards in a few different ways. First, they come in a variety of colors so you can choose one that matches your team’s uniform. In addition, you can have your name or number, team name, team mascot, or other word or short phrase printed onto your rugby mouthguard. If your entire team orders Game On rugby mouthguards, you can get them to match your uniforms. Game On has the best rugby mouthguard available, so it’s a great investment to make if you are a rugby player.

Where can I get a Game On rugby mouthguard?

Game On offers the best rugby mouthguard on the market. It combines protection, comfort, and style in a way no other mouthguard can. It’s the only mouthguard accepted by the ADA, which demonstrates its effectiveness in helping to protect  you from all kinds of tooth, mouth, and jaw injuries. To experience the Game On difference for yourself, order the best rugby mouthguard online today!