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The Best Sports Mouthguard

Which Youth Need a Sports Mouthguard?

There are many sports that your young athlete can participate in, from football, basketball, and lacrosse to wrestling, skateboarding, and snowboarding. Some sports always require the use of mouthguards, such as football and hockey. But sports mouthguards are not only for students playing these high-impact sports. It seems obvious that a rugby player would need a sports mouthguard, but have you considered that your soccer player can benefit from the use of a mouthguard? Game On offers the best sports mouthguards for your athlete no matter what sport they participate in.

Whether you’re concerned that your basketball player may get hit in the face with a ball or another player’s elbow or you’re concerned about your young martial artist receiving a kick or other blow to the jaw, you want to make sure their teeth are covered by a quality sports mouthguard. If their athletic program does not require mouthguards, it’s up to you to make sure your youth is protected from dental accidents and painful dental injuries. 

The types of dental injuries your athlete could suffer are pretty much the same no matter what sport or sports they participate in. While they may be more likely to suffer an accidental injury if they play high-impact team sports, even students who participate in individual sports like skateboarding can experience dental damage due to their athletic activities. 

About 30 million children and teens participate in organized sports in the U.S., and more than 3.5 million sports-related injuries are incurred each year. In fact, nearly one-third of all childhood injuries are related to sports. While the majority of injuries involve strains and sprains, there is no shortage of dental trauma suffered by young athletes. Dental injuries can range from loose teeth and teeth shoved up into the gums to chipped teeth and painful lacerations to soft tissue like lips, cheeks, and the tongue.

If your youth wears traditional metal braces, they need to be even more careful because the likelihood of them damaging their teeth and soft tissue from an accidental blow to the face is even higher. In addition, there is always the possibility that they could damage their orthodontic gear, which could be painful to your student athlete as well as expensive for you.

What is the best sports mouthguard?

Sports and dental experts agree that the best sports mouthguard is one that is custom-fit to your athlete’s teeth. In addition, the best mouthguards are flexible yet strong and comfortable to wear. That’s why Game On developed the patented VistaMaxx material that our sports mouthguards are made of. When your player first receives their mouthguard, they’ll custom-fit it to their teeth. This only takes a couple of minutes and complete instructions are provided with each mouthguard. 

If your athlete has braces, you may have found it difficult to find a quality mouthguard to fit them. The Game On mouthguard includes special fitting instructions for your child if they have braces. Also, the mouthguard is remoldable so each time your youth’s teeth shift, they can remold the mouthguard. This can save you a great deal of money because you don’t have to buy a new mouthguard each time their teeth no longer fit the current one. Game On is the best sports mouthguard for athletes with braces.

Because you can’t be there for your young athlete every minute, Game On has done everything to make our mouthguards attractive for young people to wear. The mouthguard is thin and flexible, so it’s comfortable to wear. Your athlete will be able to speak clearly, breathe easily, and even hydrate with their mouthguard in their mouth. This can prevent them from taking out their mouthguard and then forgetting to put it back in again. After all, no mouthguard is effective when it’s sitting on the sidelines.

Our sports mouthguards come in a wide variety of colors, so there is definitely one for your player. They may want to choose one in their favorite color, their team color, or their school color. Our mouthguards can also be customized with any word or short phrase your athlete chooses, like their name, team name, number, or an encouraging phrase. If the team manager chooses, they can order Game On mouthguards in bulk to get a discount. This way, the entire team can have matching mouthguards, which can promote an additional sense of unity.

Where can I get a Game On mouthguard for my youth athlete?

The Game On mouthguard is the only ADA-accepted sports mouthguard on the market, so you can feel confident that it is safe and effective for your athlete. It comes in adult and youth sizes, with or without a strap. The mouthguard does not absorb saliva or bacteria, so it’s easy to clean after each use. Order the best sports mouthguard online today and see how your young athlete appreciates the Game On difference.