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Author: Dr. Monroe Elkin, BS PHARM., DMD

Why Your Athlete Needs the Best Youth Sports Mouthguard

No matter what sport your student is involved in, it’s important that they wear the right protective gear. In soccer, that means a particular kind of shoe that keeps them from slipping on the grass. In football, a helmet and pads are standard gear. In wrestling, headgear is essential. One thing all sports have in common, though, is the need for a quality youth sports mouthguard to protect your athlete’s dental health. The Game On youth sports mouthguard is the best one on the market. Continue reading to learn more.

Around 30 million children and teens participate in some type of organized sports program each year in the US, and more than 3.5 million of them suffer some type of injury. The most common injuries are strains and sprains, but dental injuries are all too common as well. Your lacrosse player may get hit in the face by a wayward stick and lose a tooth. Your basketball player may get hit by a ball and have one of their teeth shoved further up into their gums. Maybe your youth is involved in snowboarding, and when they wipe out, their snowboard hits their face causing a chipped tooth. As a parent, you can surely imagine countless scenarios in which your child is injured on the court, the field, or wherever they play.

Injuries could be exacerbated if your athlete wears braces. In addition to the normal dental injuries, they could end up with a metal bracket slicing up their lips, cheeks, and tongue. One of the wires may get knocked loose and pierce the soft tissue in their mouth. These types of accidents can be incredibly painful. At the same time, their orthodontic gear could get damaged and that can be not only painful, but expensive to fix. 

This doesn’t mean you should deny your player the many benefits of being involved in organized sports. It simply means that you have the responsibility to provide them with the best youth sports mouthguard possible. Many, if not most, youth sports programs require their players to wear mouthguards, which is a great help to you. But if your youth is in a program that doesn’t require mouthguards, it’s up to you to make sure your athlete wears one anyway. Game On offers the first youth sports mouthguard that has been accepted by the American Dental Association, so you know you can trust its quality. We have also made our youth sports mouthguards easy and comfortable to wear and attractive as well.

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What is the best youth sports mouthguard?

Dental and sports experts agree that the best youth sports mouthguard is one that is custom-fit to your athlete’s teeth. This is especially important for players who have traditional metal braces. When your student receives their Game On youth sports mouthguard, the first thing they will do is custom-fit it to their teeth. Full instructions come with each mouthguard, including special instructions for athletes with braces. Fitting the mouthguard takes only a couple of minutes and uses no boiling water, so it couldn’t be easier or safer.

The Game On mouthguard is made of our patented VistaMaxx material, which is strong enough to provide superior protection to your athlete’s teeth while also being flexible enough for them to wear comfortably at every game and practice. The mouthguard does not absorb saliva or bacteria, so it’s easy for your youth to clean it after each use and store it in its ventilated case for the next time.

You can rely on the safety of the Game On youth sports mouthguard, as it is the first one accepted by the American Dental Association. It is free of PVC, BPA, phthalates, and latex. The Game On mouthguard comes in a variety of colors so your athlete can choose their favorite color, team color, school color, or any other color they choose. In addition, the mouthguard can be customized with their name, team name, team number, or any other word or short phrase they would like. 

If their team manager wants all the players to have matching mouthguards, they can order them in bulk and get discount pricing. Having matching mouthguards is one way to build team cohesiveness and a feeling of unity. There are so many benefits to using a Game On youth sports mouthguard—why not order one for your young player today?

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Where can I get a Game On mouthguard for my young athlete?

You can depend on the Game On youth sports mouthguard to offer your athlete superior protection and advanced comfort. They’ll be able to speak clearly, hydrate, and breathe easily when wearing it. Since it’s the first mouthguard accepted by the ADA, you know it’s safe and effective. In fact, we offer a money-back guarantee because we're sure your young athlete will love it. Order the best youth sports mouthguard online today and see what a difference Game On makes for your child.