What is the Best Youth Football Mouthguard?

The Game On Advantage

Author: Dr. Monroe Elkin, BS PHARM., DMD

Whether your child’s an aspiring pro or they’re already on your way to the big leagues, equipment matters. Football players wear a range of equipment when they take to the field, including cleats, pads, and helmets. But there’s another piece of equipment that many players forget about: A mouthguard. Unfortunately, as so many players have discovered, you simply cannot skimp on your mouthguard. If your child is serious about bringing their A-game, you need to shop for the best youth football mouthguard. But what exactly makes the best youth football mouthguard different compared to the typical products you see at your local supermarket?

If you want to get a sense of the game-winning advantage of the best youth mouthguard for football, look no further than Game On Mouthguards. Used by elite football players who take this sport seriously, a Game On mouthguard is made from extremely high-quality Vistamaxx material that is comfortable, hydrophobic, and durable. 

Game On Mouthguard

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Why does material matter?

First and foremost, the best youth football mouthguard is set apart by its material. Game On’s patented Vistamaxx material is far superior to the typical EVA material used in run-of-the-mill, supermarket mouthguards. Insanely durable, Vistamaxx is exactly the same substance used to construct car bumpers, and it offers twice as much impact absorption compared to EVA. Plus, Vistamaxx has hydrophobic qualities that repel water, germs, saliva, and bacteria.

Game On evolves with your child

If you have a young athlete with enormous potential, it’s important to provide them with a mouthguard that evolves with them. If your child needs to remold the Game On mouthguard to fit their growing jaw, they can easily reheat and remold it within minutes. Did your child lose a few teeth in a hard tackle? No problem. Trying to find a mouthguard that will fit with your child’s braces? Game On has you covered. And when your child is finally ready to remove their braces, they can refit their mouthguard once again for a perfect, snug fit. 

Better yet, Game On offers a slim profile that allows athletes to drink, speak, and breathe as if their mouths were empty. Your young athlete can call out plays to fellow teammates, grab a drink from the bench, and breathe freely as they make that game-winning touchdown. 

Protection that you can rely on

We all know that concussions are a serious issue within the sporting world today, and this issue is especially critical in a contact sport like football. Grab your child a Game On mouthguard, and you can protect them against potentially career-ending impacts. 

Almost 10% of all high school athletes will sustain some kind of orofacial injury. Of that 10%, over half will suffer a traumatic brain injury or concussion after refraining from wearing a mouthguard. In fact, 75% of all orofacial injuries among high school students occur when mouthguards are absent. While these statistics are important to keep in mind, you can give your child the protection they need with the best mouthguard for youth football offered by Game On. 

Is the best youth football mouthguard trusted by real pros?

Game On® Mouthguard

Game On mouth guards are available in 14 colors. Provides 2x the impact absorption of traditional mouthguards.

Game On® Strapped Mouthguard

Provides 2x the impact absorption of traditional mouthguards. Perfect for high octane sports that demand your best.

So what makes the best youth football mouthguard different compared to regular mouthguards? Well, it should be pretty obvious… the best youth football mouthguard is actually used by professional football players. The next time you see pros like Drew Brees take to the field, watch carefully, and you’ll spot him wearing a Game On mouthguard. The implication is obvious: Brees demands only the best from every aspect of his equipment – even his mouthguard. 

Where can I get my Game On mouthguard?

If you’ve been searching for the best youth football mouthguard, look no further than Game On. A leader in the field of modern sports equipment, Game On is the first-ever mouthguard to receive official approval from the American Dental Association. Grab this vital piece of equipment today and help your child experience higher performance provided by Game On Mouthguards.