GAME ON Mouthguards Alter Landscape of Sports Safety

The only American Dental Association (ADA) accepted Mouthguard is now available for all athletes in every sport


LOUISVILLE, KY. (May 9, 2019) - GAME ON Mouthguards, the only all-sports mouthguards to earn the American Dental Association (ADA) Seal of Acceptance, are now available for purchase, just in time for summer and fall sports.

GAME ON Mouthguards have set the highest bar for having met and exceeded the standards for the prevention of dental injuries as determined by the ADA - ensuring its rank as the best and safest mouthguard for both professional and youth athletes with or without braces. No other sports mouthguard has achieved this credential.

GAME ON Mouthguards justly earned this recognition due to the use of Vistamaxx, an advanced polymer composition. Vistamaxx, is built to absorb shock at a much higher degree than any other ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) plastic mouthguard available on the market.  Due to Vistamaxx’s exceptional ability to withstand high impact, this material is also used in highly durable items such as car bumpers, consumer packaging, and Wrigley’s Orbit gum.

“The choice to move forward with GAME ON Mouthguards was a decision that resolved itself on its own” says Jude Thompson, President and Chief Executive Officer of Delta Dental of Kentucky – the parent company of GAME ON Mouthguards. “It’s estimated that 39% of dental injuries are sports related, and as a company [Delta Dental of Kentucky] that deals with oral health concerns on a daily basis, that resonated. We want even the youngest athlete to take the field with confidence, knowing they’re backed by a mouthguard developed with their health and safety in mind.”

Developed by a sports dentist and polymer chemist, GAME ON Mouthguards feature exclusive Lockdown Fit™ technology, allowing the mouthguard to adhere to the uniqueness of every athlete’s mouth – providing a mechanical fit, unparalleled comfort and seamless wear while breathing and drinking, and without obstructing speech during communication on the field, court, or mat.

“During my time in the NFL, I avoided wearing mouthguards due to the general discomfort they caused, and how they made play calls difficult to understand” says Chris Redman, former NFL quarterback, and Business Development Manager and Spokesperson for GAME ON Mouthguards. “When I first met with Delta Dental, Jude [Thompson] asked me to try on a GAME ON mouthguard, claiming it was like nothing he’s ever experienced. I jokingly made a play call, and he was able to understand me perfectly. I knew this was a product I could get behind for the sheer fact that it truly works better than any other mouthguard I’ve used. Period.”

In addition to providing superior shock absorption and unrivaled comfort, GAME ON’s fitting process is just as unique as the mouthguard itself. GAME ON Mouthguards can be safely microwaved and molded to teeth, with or without braces, offering a custom fit in just under two minutes - no boiling required. GAME ON Mouthguards don’t absorb water or bacteria, and can be easily cleaned with soap and warm water, or placed in the dishwasher. They can also be refitted any time, and every mouthguard is backed by a lifetime replacement guarantee.

“GAME ON Mouthguards are quickly becoming the top choice for professional athletes and youth leagues around the country, allowing athletes of all ages and skill to perform at their peak without concern of injury,” says Dr. Monroe Elkin, Co-founder of GAME ON Mouthguards. “With the wide range of colors for teams, and the ability to mold over braces for a custom fit, there is something for everyone who chooses GAME ON.” With continuous research, Dr. Elkin has been fine-tuning and perfecting the design and performance for optimal wear and experience.

In 2017, GAME ON Mouthguards became the official mouthguard of University of Louisville and University of Kentucky athletics.

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About GAME ON Mouthguards

 GAME ON Mouthguards are the first and only mouthguard awarded the American Dental Association Seal of Acceptance for being the most effective all-sport mouthguard in protecting teeth from impact trauma. GAME ON’s proprietary design, developed by sports dentistry experts, disperses energy away from the hit as the exclusive, advanced Vistamaxx™ performance polymer absorbs the blow and defends against serious injury. GAME ON Mouthguards are the only mouthguard that uses their proprietary Vistamaxx™ polymer material.

With a patented design and Lockdown Fit technology, GAME ON Mouthguards provide a tighter, more comfortable fit so athletes of all sports can perform at their peak, and communicate effectively, without having to worry about whether they’re adequately protected. 

For the latest news and product information, visit and follow on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. GAME ON Mouthguards is wholly owned by Delta Dental of Kentucky’s for-profit subsidiary, Dental Choice Holdings, LLC.