Game On Mouthguards: The first ADA-accepted mouthguard

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Author: Dr. Monroe Elkin, BS PHARM., DMD

Game On Mouthguards are the best mouthguards on the market for any sport. In fact, our mouth guards are the first mouth guards in history to be ADA-accepted. Over one-third of traumatic dental injuries are sports-related, so effective mouth protection is a critical part of any player’s uniform. Game On Mouthguards offer both superior comfort and top-notch protection that may help to prevent dental injuries. Designed and developed by sports dentistry professionals, our mouthguards deliver comfortable, flexible protection along with a variety of additional unique benefits. Whether you’re a parent seeking the best youth sports mouthguard or an athlete looking for your own protection, we think you’ll agree: Game On Mouthguards are the best mouthguards available today.

Why should I wear a mouthguard?

The Americal Dental Association recommends the use of a mouthguard for several types of full-contact and limited-contact sports. Some you might expect (like hockey and basketball) and others might surprise you (like skiing and weightlifting). While many full-contact leagues mandate the use of a mouth guard, some do not. Even limited-contact and individual athletes can experience harm to the teeth, whether you’re a skateboarder on the half-pipe or an equestrian specializing in show jumping.

Whatever your sport may be, studies have shown that mouth guard users are up to 93 percent less likely to suffer from dentofacial injuries. Just one injury has the potential to incur weeks of pain and thousands of dollars in dentist’s bills, even with insurance. And if you wear braces, the impact can be worse. In addition to cuts and tears to all of the soft parts of your mouth, you could even bend wires or break brackets. It’s a no-brainer to get yourself the best protection you can find, and Game On fits the bill. We make the best athletic mouthguard for braces whether you’re playing football, roller hockey, rugby, or any other sport. Our mouthguards are sold by dentists and available for purchase online.

Game On Mouthguard

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What are some features of the best mouthguards?

First and foremost, the best mouthguards provide great protection. Game On uses a patented polymer that allows for a near-custom fit. This makes it the most retentive mouthguard available, meaning it’ll stay in place when you need it most. Whether you opt for a strapped or strapless model, our low-profile mouthguards don’t compromise when it comes to protection.

Your mouthguard should also be comfortable. Our patented fitting material provides shock absorption without thickness, making them less restrictive. This can cut down on the chewing and fidgeting behaviors that are often caused by uncomfortably bulky mouth guards. We don’t rely on thick material for protection. Game On gives you a thin mouthguard that allows you to hydrate easily and speak clearly - and it won’t interfere with your breathing.

We also think that the best mouthguards should be fun to wear, so we allow you to customize your mouthguard with symbols, flags, lettering, and numbers. Allowing your athlete to personalize his or her own mouth guard can be a fun and effective way for parents to get their student athletes invested in wearing a mouth guard. There are 15 different colors and 5 different fonts available, so you’ll be able to express yourself even when you’re not speaking.

Game On® Mouthguard

Game On mouth guards are available in 14 colors. Provides 2x the impact absorption of traditional mouthguards.

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Game On® Strapped Mouthguard

Provides 2x the impact absorption of traditional mouthguards. Perfect for high octane sports that demand your best.

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How to fit and care for your Game On Mouthguard

Our mouth guards are easy to fit and easy to clean. Game On Mouthguards have a simple, no-boiling-water required process that can get you into the best mouthguard in less than five minutes. Just wrap your mouthguard in a damp paper towel, microwave it, dip it in water, and bite down. Unlike other mouthguards, our mouthguards can be remolded so you don’t have to purchase a new kit or sacrifice safety by using an old guard. This means that if your braces get adjusted or you have other dental work done, you can easily remold your mouthguard so it can provide optimal protection.

And as for cleaning, it couldn’t be more simple. Though you should always store your guard in a case, you don’t have to toss your Game On Mouthguard if it doesn’t make it in there right away. Our patented fitting material prevents germs and bacteria from being absorbed into your mouthguard, so you don’t have to worry about where your mouthguard has been. Just toss it into the dishwasher or use a toothbrush and water to scrub it up.

Where can I buy Game On Mouthguards?

Game On Mouthguards address the needs of athletes by using cutting-edge technology to provide comfortable, effective protection. We make the best mouth guards for basketball, baseball, lacrosse, boxing, martial arts, and any other sport you can dream of. Whether it's for your weekly volleyball game or you're looking for the best football mouthguard for kids, Game On is your ADA-accepted solution. Our custom-fitted mouth guards provide players of all ages with a wide variety of personalization options so you can make your mouthguard your own, both inside and out. Purchase the best mouthguard for sports today.