Gearing Up for Basketball Season

Five Reasons Every Basketball Player Needs a Mouthguard

One of the great things about basketball is its simplicity. You don’t need a lot of gear to play. For a pick-up game, just a ball, a hoop and a friend does the trick. But when you play at a competitive level – whether youth basketball or the pros – it’s important to protect yourself from injury. That means wearing the right footwear, attire, and a properly fit mouthguard.

Thanks to advances in design and technology, mouthguard use among basketball players has increased in recent years. Gone are the bulky, football-centric options of 20 years ago. Nowadays, athletes can choose modern options that are less cumbersome, more comfortable – and, in the case of Game On Mouthguards – more protective than the traditional EVA-plastic mouthguards. Despite that, not every player uses a mouthguard, but here are five good reasons to wear one whenever you step onto the court: 

  1. Basketball is a contact sport. Just because tackling isn’t part of the game doesn’t mean basketball there’s no contact. Players get hurt, and when driving into a lane filled with face-level flying elbows, there’s always a risk of injury to the teeth or soft tissues of the mouth.
  1. Research shows basketball players suffer dental injuries up to five times more often than football players. One study revealed seven dental injuries per 12 basketball players and only 21 for every 109 football players.
  1. Mouthguards don’t just protect the athlete wearing them; they protect everyone on the court. Even a glancing blow to uncovered teeth can lead to a laceration. It’s vital to keep teeth protected from being harmed – or doing harm.
  1. Mouthguards are a small investment compared to the cost (and pain) of a dental injury. There’s no reason to incur possibly thousands of dollars of bills – and the pain that comes with a dental injury – because you chose not to wear a mouthguard. At under $30, Game On Mouthguards are an affordable alternative to an expensive dental bill
  1. Not all mouthguards are created equal, but On Mouthguards allow basketball players to hydrate, breathe and communicate normally. This is important because bring able to talk to one another is critical in close-contact team sports like basketball.

It’s finally time to hit the court for basketball season, but remember, when you’re picking out your shoes, socks and compression sleeves, don’t forget to protect your game face. Order your Game On Mouthguard now.