Not All Football Mouthguards Are Created Equal

Three Reasons to Kick Off Football Season with Game On

No matter the level of competition, the gridiron is a dangerous place – especially when you aren’t adequately protected. Wearing the right helmet, pads and footwear are crucial to preventing injury, and so is the choosing a high-quality mouthguard that fits correctly. Research shows that players in contact sports such as football have a one in ten chance of receiving a dental injury during a year of play – and a one in two chance of receiving an injury during their playing career [1]. The Journal of the American Dental Association (JADA) reports that 13-39% of all dental injuries are sports-related.

Unfortunately, between 16% and 46% of athletes report not wearing mouthguards because of discomfort or decreased ability to talk and breathe [2]. So the challenge is finding a mouthguard that offers protection and comfort. Mouthguards that don’t fit well can affect the ability breathe, communicate, and stay hydrated. And an ill-fitting or uncomfortable mouthguard is more likely to be taken out during the game, leaving athletes vulnerable to injuries to the lips and soft tissues in the mouth, as well as dental injuries like chipped teeth, nerve damage and tooth loss.

Not all sports mouthguards are created equal, so when choosing what’s best for you, there’s a lot to consider: What is the mouthguard made from? Does it offer superior shock absorption? Is it easy to fit and comfortable to wear for long periods of time?

Game On Mouthguards were designed by sports dentistry experts to meet the demands of modern athletes. In addition to providing superior protection, they offer a comfortable, custom fit at an over-the-counter price. Here are just a few reasons why Game On Mouthguards are becoming the choice of football players from Pop Warner to the pros:

  1. Lockdown Fit™ Technology for Comfortable Protection
    Game On Mouthguards are the only sports mouthguards made from Vistamaxx™ performance polymer. Vistamaxx is an advanced material that offers the unique combination of superior shock absorption and comfort. It’s flexible, durable and non-chewable. And because it hardens more slowly than traditional EVA plastic, Vistamaxx gives athletes a longer window to achieve a proper fit. The result is a more secure, natural fit that doesn’t inhibit breathing, speaking or drinking – and no more worrying about the mouthguard coming loose during play.
  2. Accepted by the American Dental Association
    Game On Mouthguards are the first sports mouthguards to earn the prestigious ADA Seal of Acceptance – and that’s not easy to do. Products with the ADA Seal have undergone extensive independent scientific evaluation and are held to higher quality standards than what is legally required. When you wear Game On, you know you’re protected.
  3. Fast, Easy No-Boil Fitting Process
    Unlike traditional mouthguards, Game On Mouthguards don’t have to be boiled before fitting. Instead, after just 30 seconds in the microwave – followed by a five-second dip in cold water – the mouthguard is ready to fit. It takes less than two minutes to achieve a custom fit, and your mouthguard will settle into an even more secure fit over a few hours. Game On Mouthguards are also safe to use with braces and can be re-fit again and again, if needed.

Football is a dangerous sport. The mouthguard you choose is just as important as the helmet and pads you wear. When you’re gearing up for the season, don’t risk your safety. Protect your game face with Game On.


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