Athletic Mouthguard for Braces

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Author: Dr. Monroe Elkin, BS PHARM., DMD

Danger of Dental Injuries for Athletes

Whether your youth is playing a high-contact sport like football or martial arts or participating in a solo activity like snowboarding or skateboarding, an athletic mouthguard can save them from a lot of pain and anguish. This is even a greater concern when your child wears traditional metal braces. Maybe it’s a spare elbow or perhaps a stray hockey puck — a great deal of damage can be done to your athlete’s teeth and soft tissue in a single moment. To help prevent these types of injuries, have your young player wear a Game On athletic mouthguard whenever they play or practice their sport.

Our athletic mouthguards offer premium protection for your youth. Sports injuries can happen at any time, and while an athletic mouthguard can’t protect against sprains and strains, it can provide a great deal of protection for your athlete’s teeth, soft tissue, and even jaw muscles. As a parent of a child in sports, you are probably plenty aware of the potential for them to get injured. And as the parent of a child with braces, you are surely aware that mouth injuries can be exacerbated by the metal brackets and wires in your player’s mouth. Therefore, whether it’s required or not by your athlete’s coach or team manager, a Game On athletic mouthguard should be a regular part of their uniform during practice and games or events.

How can wearing braces make dental injuries from playing sports worse?

If you have a young football player who gets hit in the head, their helmet will protect their teeth from getting directly hit, but doesn’t stop them from biting down on their tongue when they’re hit hard. This can be worse with braces, because a bracket or wire can get caught in the tissue of the tongue, causing great pain and a lot of blood. You obviously want to avoid this for your youth. 

At the same time, you want to avoid an extra visit to the orthodontist to fix the damage done to the braces. Wearing a Game On athletic mouthguard can prevent your athlete from biting their tongue and from getting their braces caught in their tongue or other soft tissue in the mouth, saving them from agony and saving you from the cost of an extra orthodontic visit.

If your youth is playing a game like soccer, basketball, or hockey, there is the chance they can get hit in the face with a ball, puck, or even a spare elbow or foot. This can be especially detrimental to a player with braces, because not only could their teeth come loose or be shoved up into their gums, but there is so much potential for soft tissue damage. Their lips, cheeks, tongue, and the roof of their mouth are all in danger without a Game On athletic mouthguard.

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What is the best athletic mouthguard?

The Game On athletic mouthguard was designed with the help of dental professionals to provide as much protection as possible against dental and orthodontic injuries in athletes with or without braces. The first thing your youth will do when they receive their mouthguard is custom-fit it to their teeth. Unlike many over-the-counter mouthguards, ours can be fit specifically to your athlete’s teeth and even to their braces. 

Our athletic mouthguard is the first one accepted by the American Dental Association so you can trust that your youth is getting superior protection for their teeth and mouth. CustMbite developed a patented material called VistaMaxx, which is strong enough to take a beating while being thin enough to be comfortable for your youth to wear. They can even speak clearly and drink water while wearing the mouthguard, which can help you rest easy that they won’t be taking the Game On athletic mouthguard off during their game or activity. After all, a mouthguard they won’t wear isn’t going to help your athlete at all. 

Another feature that is attractive to young athletes is the fact that the Game On mouthguard comes in a wide variety of colors. Your player can pick their team colors, the color of their snowboard or skateboard, or their favorite color. In addition, an image can be placed on their mouthguard. They can choose their name or number, their team mascot, or their sponsor’s logo or name. This kind of customization is helpful because it can help your youth really feel the mouthguard is an important part of their sports gear.

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Where can I get the Game On athletic mouthguard for my youth?

Our Game On mouthguards were created for your athlete’s comfort, style, and protection. That protection is even more crucial when they are wearing braces. To help keep your youth’s teeth, mouth, and jaw safer during their sport or activity, order the best athletic mouthguard available online today. You’ll appreciate the different Game On can make and so will your youth athlete.