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Best Youth Mouthguards for Baseball

If you want the best youth mouthguard for baseball, look no further than Game On Mouthguards. We worked closely with a team of sports dentistry professionals to design a low-profile youth mouthguard that is ideal for baseball players. Forty percent of traumatic dental injuries happen while playing sports, and 50 percent of all children and teens will suffer at least one traumatic tooth injury by the time they graduate from high school. Game On Mouthguards may help to reduce your athlete's risk of injury while playing baseball. Our guards are comfortable, easy to care for, and affordable. Continue reading to learn more about why our guards are the best youth mouthguard for baseball.

Why are youth mouth guards for baseball important?

Baseball is the most popular sport in the country for children between the ages of 6 and 12. Over 4 million kids played the sport in 2018, which accounts for nearly 14 percent of all children between 6 and 12. Baseball is also one of the most popular sports for high school students. Almost 485,000 boys played on a high school baseball team during the 2018-19 season. If your athlete falls in either of these categories, they should wear a mouthguard while playing. Game On Mouthguards delivers comfortable shock absorption that may help to prevent dental injuries on the field and at the plate. Our custom-fitted youth mouthguard for baseball offers your athlete top-notch comfort and protection at an affordable price.

What problems should the best youth mouth guard for baseball address?

You should consider a variety of factors when deciding on a mouthguard. However, the most important feature of a guard is its protectiveness. Game On Mouthguards are made out of our patented fitting material, called Vistamaxx. It enables us to make mouthguards that are both low-profile and protective. Comfortability is a key factor in how protective a mouthguard may be. When a guard is comfortable, your athlete is more likely to keep it in their mouth throughout the entire baseball game. This makes it more likely to be in the proper place when your athlete needs it the most. Game On Mouthguards are comfortable enough to wear in the field, at the plate, and in the dugout. Your child will find it easy to speak, breathe, and drink while wearing one of our mouthguards. This is one important way that Game On Mouthguards has improved upon competitors' bulky and uncomfortable products.

The best youth mouthguard for baseball has to be easy to mold. We made one that can be custom-fitted in as little as five minutes. All you need to complete the process is a bowl of cold water, a wet paper towel, and a microwave. We also know that many youth baseball players wear braces. Game On makes the best youth mouthguard for baseball for braces because our guards can be remolded as often as you want. Just follow the same simple setup process whenever your athlete loses a baby tooth, has their braces adjusted, or has dental work done.

It's also important that you find a mouthguard that's easy to care for. You don't want to have to worry about your athlete's health if they fail to put their guard away properly after a game or practice. To address this, we use Vistamaxx to make a guard that won't absorb bacteria. Your athlete can toss their mouthguard into their baseball bag after practice without ruining it. Our guards can be easily cleaned as well. You can use a cold cup of water and a toothbrush. Or you can put your child's guard in the dishwasher. You won't have to purchase a new mouthguard for your athlete if it gets dirty.

Style is also an important consideration for many youth baseball players. Game On Mouthguards can be customized in dozens of ways. For example, your athlete can choose from a rainbow of color options to get a guard that matches their team's colors. We can even custom-print their name and number on their mouthguard. They can personalize their mouthguard further with symbols, flags, and by choosing between strapped and strapless mouthguards. These options for personalization are another reason why we make the best high school baseball mouthguard.

Where can I buy Game On Mouthguards for youth baseball?

Game On Mouthguards makes the only guards in history that are ADA-accepted. They're easy to set up, simple to care for, and comfortable enough for your athlete to wear during all nine innings. Nearly 9 out of 10 parents have concerns about the risk of injury to kids while playing sports. You should take proactive steps to address these concerns by making sure they wear a mouthguard. Game On Mouthguards may help to reduce your athlete's risk of injury while playing. Buy the best youth mouth guard for baseball now.