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The Best Clear Mouthguard for Sports

Why You Need a Mouthguard for Sports

No matter what sport you play, a Game On sports mouthguard should be part of your regular uniform. Mouthguards aren’t just for football and hockey. Virtually any sport you play, whether as a part of a team or solo, has the potential for teeth or other mouth injuries. Sports with balls or pucks can end up with you hit in the face with a projectile traveling up to 50 or 60 miles per hour. Any sport where you’re moving very quickly has the risk of you tripping or falling, hitting your head or face on the ground. Sports that include close personal contact can lead to your getting an elbow or knee in the jaw. A mouthguard is a great way to address these concerns.

What is the best mouthguard? 

Whether you’re looking for a colorful statement or a clear mouthguard that seems to disappear when you wear it, Game On has the right sports mouthguard for you. Our mouthguards come in a wide variety of colors, including clear, to match with any uniform you have or you can simply choose one in your favorite color. 

But what makes Game On sports mouthguards so special isn’t their attractive aesthetic options, but the quality of protection they offer. Experts in the field agree that custom-fit mouthguards offer the best protection, and that’s what Game On provides. When you receive your mouthguard, you will fit it specifically to your teeth so it will stay in place and offer superior protection against injuries to your teeth or soft tissue like your lips, gums, and cheeks.

Athletes with braces can find it difficult to find a mouthguard that fits well. That’s not a problem with Game On sports mouthguards, because our patented VistaMaxx material can fit around your braces. You can even remold our mouthguard as your teeth move into their proper place. You can do this as many times as necessary until the braces finally come off, so you don’t have to spend extra money on new mouthguards.

When you’re fitting your Game On sports mouthguard to your teeth, you may find that it’s a bit long in the back, or doesn’t quite reach your furthest back molars. That’s okay! Our VistaMaxx material can be cut shorter or stretched out longer to match the exact size of your bite. We have both youth- and adult-sized mouthguards, so whether you’re playing in an adult league or looking for the best mouthguard for your student athlete, Game On has the product you need.

Game On sports mouthguards are the only ADA-accepted sports mouthguards on the market. This should give you a feeling of confidence when you choose one of our mouthguards for your sports protection. In fact, if you don’t love your Game On sports mouthguard, we’ll replace it for free. That’s how sure we are that it will work perfectly for you.

It’s easy to use and maintain your Game On sports mouthguard. For one thing, we offer mouthguards with or without a strap. If you want a clean and clear mouthguard, we have that covered as well. VistaMaxx does not absorb saliva, microorganisms, or bacteria, so your new mouthguard is easy to clean and keep clear and fresh. Just a little warm water with gentle soap is all that’s needed to clean it each day. In fact, if you want, you can put it in its case and run it in the dishwasher to clean it. The Game On sports mouthguard couldn’t be a better fit for the busy athlete.

Game On Sports Mouthguards for Teams

Game On mouthguards are great for individuals, but they’re also great for teams. If you are the manager of a sports team, whether for a high school or an adult league, you want to provide the best protection for all of your athletes while maintaining a spirit of unity among the players. 

Since you have the choice of any color mouthguard or a clear mouthguard, you can have the whole team order matching Game On mouthguards. There are further customizing options available too. You can get each player’s name on their mouthguard, print a team logo or mascot onto the mouthguards, or have mouthguards for both team colors if you have a dual color scheme. You can wear one color for home games and one for away games. There are so many ways you can customize your use of Game On sports mouthguards for teams.

Where can I get a Game On sports mouthguard?

If you’re looking for enhanced protection for your mouth and teeth during sports activities, Game On is the obvious choice. Our mouthguards are ADA-accepted, customizable, and affordable. For the best protection available, order your Game On sports mouthguard online today and see what a difference it makes for you or your team!