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The Best Moldable Mouthguard

Why Custom-Fit Mouthguards Are the Best

Some sports mouthguards are bulky and do not fit directly to the athlete’s teeth. These are uncomfortable to wear and can even block speaking, drinking, and even breathing. Obviously, that’s not the best kind of mouthguard to choose. Game On mouthguards, on the other hand, are moldable mouthguards that fit directly onto your teeth. Even if you have braces, you can easily mold Game On sports mouthguards to your teeth.

When you first receive your Game On sports mouthguard, you can be ready to wear it in a matter of minutes. With a microwave, a paper towel, and a bowl of cold water, you can make a perfect mold of the contours of your teeth so your mouthguard stays in place during the most strenuous sports activities. 

Many athletes who wear braces have a difficult time finding mouthguards that fit their braces comfortably, but the Game On sports mouthguard does exactly that. You can even remold it as many times as you need to as your teeth move until the braces come off for good. 

Custom-fit mouthguards are the best for athletes according to dental professionals. In part, this is because they stay put, even during vigorous play. Additionally, Game On’s custom-fit mouthguards are made with our patented VistaMaxx material, which is tough enough to provide superior shock absorption while remaining thin enough to allow you to speak clearly, stay hydrated, and breathe naturally. You can leave the mouthguard in the entire time you are playing so you don’t get caught looking. After all, a ball can still hit you even if you are waiting on the sidelines of the football, basketball, or soccer field.

What sports are Game On sports mouthguards best for?

An easier question to answer would be the sports Game On sports mouthguards are not good for, because the answer would be none! There are the obvious high-contact sports like football, wrestling, basketball, soccer, and ice or field hockey. Each of these sports involves a projectile that can connect with your face at speeds of 50 miles per hour or higher. Governing sports organizations frequently require mouthguards be worn by players of these types of sports.

But did you know that a number of low-contact or non-contact sports players can also benefit from the use of mouthguards? You might not think of using a mouthguard, for example, if you are a downhill skier. Most of the time, it will probably not be needed. But as you’re plunging down a hill at high speed, what if you fall? You learn how to fall when practicing, but if your face hits a chunk of ice, you could end up with an expensive dental or orthodontic bill, not to mention a great deal of pain.

Another individual sport that a mouthguard could be helpful for is skateboarding. The fancier the moves, the higher the risk that you could hit your head on the concrete, a railing, or another sort of barrier, not to mention the possibility of popping your skateboard up and hitting your mouth. You could lose or crack teeth, which can be incredibly painful. But that’s not all. You could experience severe lacerations on the soft tissue inside your mouth like the lips, cheeks, and tongue. These types of injuries produce a lot of blood, and even more pain. The Game On sports mouthguard, can help to prevent these types of injuries no matter what sport you are practicing or participating in.

Additional Benefits of Game On Mouthguards

Wearing the only ADA-accepted mouthguard (Game On) is a good idea no matter which sport you play. But Game On mouthguards are not only functional. They are customizable to make them attractive to use as well. 

First, our mouthguards are available in a wide variety of colors. You can get one in your favorite color, your sports team colors, or even a clear mouthguard if you want. Secondly, you can get almost anything printed on your mouthguard. This could be your name or number, your team name, or an image of your team mascot. Virtually anything that fits can be printed onto your Game On sports mouthguard. If you’re part of a team, your entire team could get matching mouthguards to provide a greater sense of unity.

Where can I get a Game On sports mouthguard?

If you’re looking for an affordable, attractive, moldable mouthguard that’s comfortable and easy to use, Game On is the perfect mouthguard for you. In addition to being easy to mold to your teeth, it is easy to take care of. Since VistaMaxx does not absorb saliva, bacteria, or other microorganisms, it’s easy to keep it clean with just warm water and gentle soap. Order the best moldable mouthguard online today and see how Game On can help to keep your smile safe during sports!