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Best Mouthguard For Soccer

Game On Mouthguards are the only mouthguards accepted by the ADA (American Dental Association). We work with both dental professionals and athletes to create mouthguards that provide the protection soccer players need, the comfort players want, and the stylistic options that allow players to share their personality on the pitch. Whether you are looking for the best high school soccer mouthguard for your child or searching for protective gear you can use yourself, please continue reading to learn more about what differentiates us from the competition.

Why should soccer players wear mouth guards?

Sports are a great way to socialize and exercise, but potential injury risks should not be ignored. More than 5,000,000 teeth are knocked out every year while playing sports, to say nothing of the cuts, bruises, and other injuries that are unfortunately very common in athletics. Furthermore, an estimated 39 percent of dental injuries are caused by sports. Soccer probably isn't the first sport that comes to mind when thinking about oral injury risks, but anything from an awkward header to accidental contact with another player has the potential to cause damage. Luckily, studies suggest that wearing a mouthguard may help reduce sports-related dental injuries.

Naturally, some mouthguards are more effective than others, and if you're trying to protect your youth soccer player, you know you want the best. At Game On, we utilize a patented fitting material that helps ensure that your mouthguard remains firmly in place during both practice and competition. While other players are biting or chewing on their mouth guard because it doesn't fit that well, you can be looking for premium scoring opportunities.

Our proprietary fitting material also allows us to offer thin mouthguards for soccer that won't be in your way when trying to talk strategy with a teammate, hydrate, or catch your breath after an extended attack. Many of our competitors rely on the thickness of their product to provide shock absorption, making it more challenging to perform while wearing them.

Game On is also proud to offer the best mouthguard for soccer for braces. Our exclusive fitting material may help prevent the facial lacerations that have been associated with wearing braces while playing sports. You can also remold your mouthguard after your braces get adjusted, enabling you to stick with what you're comfortable with instead of being forced to purchase a replacement. In contrast, many competing products can only be molded once and are not recommended for use with braces.

We also consider hygiene when designing all of our products. For example, bacteria cannot penetrate the surface of our mouthguards, which mitigates the risk of infection. We encourage you to try Game On Mouthguards today and experience for yourself what makes our product the best mouth guard for soccer players.

What is the best mouth guard for soccer?

When looking for the best mouthguard for soccer, it's important to be realistic. If a mouthguard is a pain in the neck to wear, you probably won't use it as often as you should. We understand this and design our mouthguards with ease of use in mind. For instance, here is how to make a Game On mouthguard your own:

  • Wrap your mouthguard in a wet paper towel and microwave it on high for 30 seconds
  • Dip it in cold water for 3-5 seconds
  • Gently bite down on your mouthguard to shape it to your teeth
  • Press the front of your mouthguard against your teeth, close your lips, and suck for about a minute to ensure a snug fit.

You can also refine your damage control mouthguard by trimming the molar edges to make it shorter or gently pinching them to stretch it out. We offer guidance on how to fit our products using the more traditional boiling water method and how to take braces into account as well, so you'll never be stuck trying to figure something out on your own. Likewise, our guards are dishwasher-safe. You can also clean them with a toothbrush and cold water if you like.

Since every athlete has a unique personality, we offer several customization options to help you differentiate yourself from the crowd. Strapped and strapless options are available to accommodate all kinds of athlete needs. Our products are also available in a rainbow of colors, and we can add numbers, symbols, letters, and flags in 15 different colors and five different fonts for added personalization. While the best mouthguard for soccer should help protect you from potential dental injuries, we believe that it should be a visual testament of who you are as an athlete as well.

Where can I buy Game On Mouthguards for soccer?

Game On works with professional dentists, athletes such as football star Chris Redman, and users like you to deliver a comfortable mouthguard that provides the protection soccer players deserve. Experience for yourself why our product is considered the best mouthguard for soccer players. You will be glad you did!