Orthodontic Mouthguards For Sports

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Author: Dr. Monroe Elkin, BS PHARM., DMD

Mouthguards as a Part of The Uniform

If your kids are playing youth football, basketball, hockey, soccer, or another sport, an orthodontic mouthguard should be a part of their uniform, and adults need them too. They aren’t the first piece of protective gear athletes may think of. For example, you might wear a helmet, shoulder or knee pads, cleats, ankle tape, or other protective gear, and these precautions go a long way to protect yourself from sports injuries. But consider how many sports hold the potential for injuries to the face and mouth. Game On has the best orthodontic mouthguards for any sport. Continue reading to learn about the types of injuries against which the Game On orthodontic mouthguard may help to protect you and to learn more about our ADA-accepted mouthguards.

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What sports should I wear a mouthguard for?

Even non-contact sports like snowboarding or skiing hold the potential for injuries to your face and mouth. We believe that no matter what sport you’re participating in, you can be safer by wearing a mouthguard. Below is a small sampling of sports and the injuries you may sustain if you play without wearing a mouthguard:

  • Football. As one of the highest-contact sports, mouthguards are usually a part of a football player’s uniform. Your helmet may protect you from a direct hit in the mouth, but each time your head is hit, your teeth could slam together, possibly causing chipped or broken teeth. An impact could also pinch your tongue, cheeks, or lips, causing painful lacerations.
  • Basketball. While basketball is a sport where contact is discouraged, it's inevitable. Whether it's incidental contact from jumping for a rebound, catching a hard foul on a layup, blind picks, or just being in the wrong place at the wrong time when elbows are flying, there's a lot of opportunities for injury. Protecting your youth basketball player should be a priority.
  • Hockey. This is another high-contact sport that poses many risks to your teeth. There is a hard puck known to fly through the air, hockey sticks waving, players checking each other into the boards, and hard ice that your face could hit if you take a tumble during play. If you have a child learning the game, you'll want to take the proper precautions to protect your youth hockey player.
  • Baseball. There are a number of injuries you could sustain in baseball when you have a ball flying at you at 85+ miles an hour. If you’re hit in the face, broken and chipped teeth can easily lacerate your lips and cheeks. Not to mention the damage you could do when you’re diving into home plate if your face hits the dirt.
  • Snowboarding. This may not be a sport where you have a lot of contact with people, but protecting yourself or protecting your youth snowboarder from impacts is just as important. Snowboarders can experience impacts on ice, trees, and branches, and even with the snowboard itself. All of these incidents have the potential to cause harm to your teeth.
  • Soccer. With soccer, you have another ball flying around the field at a high rate of speed. Not only that, but you may also have to hit the ball with your head. If you miss and hit it with your face instead, injuries to your mouth and teeth could easily result.
  • Wrestling. This is another high-contact sport, as your face may be hit by a stray elbow or knee or slammed onto the mat. While there are no external pieces of equipment to be concerned about, an orthodontic mouthguard should still be a standard piece of protective equipment.

What is the best orthodontic mouthguard?

Game On has the best orthodontic mouthguards available. Experts agree that mouthguards should be customized to your teeth and mouth, and our mouthguards are easy to fit to any size mouth. All you need is a microwave, a paper towel, and a bowl of cold water, and you can fit your orthodontic mouthguard within minutes. If you’re having orthodontic work done, including adjustments to your braces, you don’t need to waste money buying a new guard each time your teeth change. The Game On orthodontic mouthguard can be remolded to your teeth each time they move into a new alignment.

Our orthodontic mouthguards were developed with the help of dental professionals to provide not only the best protection, but the highest level of comfort. Unlike other bulky mouthguards, ours make it easy for you to talk and drink while wearing them. You can get a mouthguard with or without a strap, depending on your preference and your sport. The comfort and flexibility of our orthodontic mouthguard makes it more likely that you will wear it every time you play or practice your sport, which can help to make it one of the most effective mouthguards you can buy. 

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Where can I get a Game On orthodontic mouthguard?

Game On orthodontic mouthguards are the first guards accepted by the American Dental Association. You can feel confident that they’re a great choice for your protection, style, and comfort. Orthodontic mouthguards by Game On can help you avoid painful sports injuries to your teeth, lips, and cheeks. They’re available in a variety of colors to match your uniform or team colors, and can be printed with a team logo, name, or number too, so they are an attractive option as well. Order the best orthodontic mouthguard online today and enjoy the difference Game On can make!